Introducing Expert Guarantees

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At, we want to see as many freelancers as possible awarded projects. That’s why we’re introducing Expert Guarantees, a way for you to prove your commitment and guarantee your services to employers. Making an Expert Guarantee shows that you are confident that you are the right person for the job and increases your chances of being awarded!

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What is an Expert Guarantee?

Expert Guarantees are refundable deposits that guarantee your services when you place a bid on a project. The deposit acts as an assurance that you will complete the project.


When you create an Expert Guarantee, the deposited funds are held by until they are released back to you. Release happens automatically when the project is completed, or if the employer chooses to award another freelancer.


If you are unable to complete the work and the project is marked as incomplete, the Expert Guarantee will be forfeited and you will be charged the full amount of the Expert Guarantee.


When will my Expert Guarantee be released? 

Expert Guarantees will be automatically released (and funds returned to your account balance) when:

  • You are awarded the project and it is completed

  • 24 hours have elapsed and you are not awarded the project

  • You retract your bid
  • Another freelancer is awarded the project and accepts it

  • The project is closed

  • The project is deleted

  • The employer revokes your award of their project


How do I make an Expert Guarantee?

You can make an Expert Guarantee by selecting the Expert Guarantee option before placing your bid. Make sure you’re happy with the amount you choose to deposit, but bear in mind it must be:

  • at least 2 USD or equivalent in other currencies; and

  • no less than 2% of your bid amount


Are Expert Guarantees free to use?

Yes, we do not charge any additional fees when Expert Guarantees are created or released. 


When will an Expert Guarantee be forfeited?

An Expert Guarantee will be forfeited if you are awarded the project and it is subsequently marked as incomplete by your employer.


What happens to an Expert Guarantee if it is forfeited and where do the funds go?

If your Expert Guarantee is forfeited due to the project being marked as incomplete, you will be charged its full amount and it will no longer be releasable. A breakdown of what we do with a forfeited Expert Guarantee is:

  • 10% will be used to pay a Processing Fee charged by

  • The remaining 90% will be used to fund other freelancers’ negative balances, which accrue when freelancers fail to pay fees they are charged.

If you have completed your project and believe you have met its requirements, you may contact support to dispute your Expert Guarantee here. 

Is there a limit on the number of Expert Guarantees that can be made?

No, there is no limit to the number of Expert Guarantees that you can make nor is there a limit to the number of freelancers who can make Expert Guarantees on a given project. 

If I create an Expert Guarantee, will it apply to all projects I have bid on?

No, each Expert Guarantee only applies to the project it was made on.


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