How To Create An Invoice

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Invoices for hourly projects are now automatically generated and paid based on a freelancer’s tracked work hours with the Desktop App. For additional expenses on an hourly project that need an invoice or for invoicing of a pending Milestone Payment that will be released, freelancers can create an invoice manually.

To do this, follow these steps:

 1. Go to the project page.

 2. Scroll down to the Freelancers Awarded section. Select the Invoices tab.

 3. Click Create Invoice.


  4. Click [edit] to edit your details. You can also upload your logo.

 5. Provide a description for the payment, and enter the amount. You can also add your tax information, and select a date for the deadline.


 6. Click Create Invoice to finish.

If there is a pending Milestone Payment for the project that is of equal amount as your created invoice, the invoice will be paid if your employer releases the Milestone Payment.

If you are creating an invoice for an already released Milestone Payment, we can associate the released payment to the unpaid invoice after you and your employer both contact us for confirmation. Scroll down to contact us for assistance.


MywNfLez0pH1xecIe5d_qnvqhraNqOKTw2bVO1DJuFwovTJC-nUHKGK2mtOrKhPtrSBKpK3zkcAj65UdEqn1pH8DRzLW6xvXl9HJkY99ni9gUBBzqv3bDGRZjoXgmY2VRcSXjvy_ also allows you to create invoices for your clients outside of the site. This is a useful feature because clients can easily pay through and you can receive the money directly into your account.  

Invoicing external clients incurs a 5% fee, with an amount of only up to $3000 USD (2400 EUR). External invoices with a larger amount can be made thru instead.

You need to have a Plus, Standard/Professional, or Premium/Premier Membership to use external invoicing. The standard deposit and withdrawal fees related to the payment still apply.


To create an invoice for an external client, follow these steps:

1. Mouse over your account balance at the upper right part of your Dashboard page.

2. Select Financial Dashboard.

Financial Dashboard

3. On the Financial Dashboard page, select Invoices.


4. Click Create Invoice.


5. On the search field, select an existing external client or click on Invoice new External Client.


6. On the invoice form, fill out your external client’s details.


7. Click Create Client once done.

8. On the preview page, you can edit your billing info and add your logo, then fill out your billable hours. You may also include expenses you incurred in carrying out the work for the client by clicking Add Expenses.



9. Check your details. When you're happy with your invoice, simply click Create Invoice.

You may save a draft for later use or preview what the invoice would look like.

You will receive an email notification about your created invoice, and your client will receive the invoice through email.

Comment your invoice-related questions below!


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