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Hi! I already have the updates, your feedback are very helpful. Thanks, I really like this project! I'll be around for anything!

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  • haybalancer
    Organizador del concurso
    • 2 años atrás

    Very, very nice work! The only thing I would do is to try a version of this using our fonts rather than introduce another font. We use LHF Victoria 2 for Dr. Thornleys. We use LHF Billhead 1900 for the Hay Balancer. We use Birch Std for Vitamin & Mineral Supplement for Horses. Once again, very, very good work

    • 2 años atrás
    1. mario20sanchez
      • 2 años atrás

      I already have the updates, I submitted my entry, check #20 and thanks for provided comments during the contest! I'm very grateful!

      • 2 años atrás