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    Freelancer en Gyumri, Armenia
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    Hi we team of architects and a4894ad04d3d65d310baca artist .. We have 5 years of experience in the a4894ad04d3D65d310baca, we will do everything so that our employer was satisfied, we can create realistic a4894ad04d3d65d310baca models, renders, interior ... and exterior design, stand, logo, ... Our skills. we started to work in a4894ad04d3D65d310baca from 2009, we completed a lot of large projects, including the low poly, models for games,, Landscape design , interior ... , exterior, characters and animation, FX Fire, Smoke, Particles, simulation: Programs used a4894ad04d3ds65d310baca max + V-Ray, Fusion, AutoCad, Zbrush, Mudbox, Unity3d ,Photoshop, UVLayout, Quixel Sute. And more tools.

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    Freelancer en Chandigarh, India
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    I am a talented a4894ad04d3D65d310baca modeler and web programmer Do All kinds of a4894ad04d3D65d310baca visualization services for interior design, architects, product design, a4894ad04d3d65d310baca printing work jewelry design, furniture, character ... design etc I have experience in skills in the areas of a4894ad04d3D65d310baca modelling, a4894ad04d3d65d310baca Printing and a4894ad04d3D65d310baca Rendering. If hired by you I will deliver my best work at a high standard. And have good experience in

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    Freelancer en Chandigarh, India
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    We possess all hardware and software facilities in-house to accomplish any given task to us. We assure you the best experience when you work with us. We are specialized in all these software's : • 3DS Max • MAYA • UNITY • Zbrush • After Effects • Photoshop • Illus ...

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    Freelancer en Bogota, Colombia
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    I´m a professional 3d animator, I´ve worked in the industry for 5 years. I can do any animation work or three dimensional representation like organic or inorganic modeling, architectural render, rig of all kinds, character and object animation, texturing and render. I wanted to start to work as freelance because I ...

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    Freelancer en Yerevan, Armenia
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    With more than 14 years of experience in the field of innovative architectural design and 3D realistic visualization, we are composed of a team of committed and skilled individuals. The services we offer include 3D animation, 3D modeling, 3D rendering and interior design. Since our operation officially began in 2 ...

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    Freelancer en Yerevan, Armenia
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    We at Dreams3Ds are a professional visual effects studio specializing in computer graphics. Our services include high fidelity modelling, visualization and rendering in the field of architecture and manufacturing. We also work on animated video and virtual 360 degree panorama tours. We guarantee 100% dedication to ...


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3D animation is the process of creating animated images. The procedure is often referred to as computer animation or even CGI (computer-generated imagery), although CGI also encompasses static scenes and thus is technically outside the scope of 3D animation.  

The entertainment and advertising industry rely heavily on computer animation for use in games, movies, television or digital content. Common animation requests include character design, movement cycles, 3D modeling, texturing, sculpting, visual effects and post production. Skilled artists use popular computer applications such as After Effects, Maya or 3ds Max to produce professional quality animated characters.

Routinely, an animator builds or models a simplified representation of an object or character - such as a stick figure or virtual skeleton. Components such as arms, legs or mouth are then moved with the assistance of key frames. Instead of painstakingly completing every movement, changes in appearance are then calculated by computer software and an animation rendered. This process is commonly called morphing or tweening.

More recently an alternative method of animation called Motion capture (Mo-cap for short) has become popular in games and films. Motion capture utilizes a live performer to act out a required movement. The action is video recorded and utilizing biomechanics markers it is applied to an animated character using a computer application.  

Currently, a mix of animation and Motion capture is applied to the creation of 3D animations. While Motion capture can be alarmingly realistic, keyframe animation is preferred when specific actions prove difficult for an actor to reproduce.

An ongoing challenge for 3D animators is achieving a high degree of human realism. Sizeable advancements continue to be made in this quest, but delivering characters that look and move identically to humans still requires further evolution. Some materials tend to be more difficult to replicate and animate than others, for example, human hair and clothing. Almost inevitably computer animation will reach the point of becoming indistinguishable from human performance; this could have wide-ranging repercussions on the entertainment industry.

Are you looking for a 3D computer animation for your business project? Do you have a tight timeline and seemingly shrinking budget? Hiring a freelance 3D animator might be the optimal solution. is home to a community of highly skilled and professional 3D animators skilled in Keyframe Animation, Motion capture and a variety of other animation or graphically modeling tasks.

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  • Budget - A freelancer typically works from home or at the least has lower overheads. Employing the services of a freelancer on a project basis is typically most cost effective than engaging a larger animation studio.
  • Availability - has thousands of freelance 3D animators available immediately to work on your project. Reduce recruitment and training timeframes by hiring a contractor with exactly the skills you require.
  • Customer Satisfaction - View a freelancer’s online portfolio including feedback from real clients on recent work performance. Only hire freelancers with the very best reputation for completing exceptional work, and only release a payment when you're 100% satisfied with the final outcome. 

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