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Illustration is a fundamental of visual communication and a powerful tool of expression. An Illustrator is a special type of artist who creates imagery and artworks to help bring stories and messages alive. A skilled illustrator can create the perfect visual narrative for any product, idea or story that needs to be told.

Illustrators are an invaluable asset for businesses, comics, books, magazines, animations, advertising campaigns and websites. Their job is creating visual composition that evoke specific emotions from their audience utilizing the elements of line, shape, color or forms. Illustrators often use a combination of traditional methods such as pen and ink; some specialize in digital media such as tablet and computer technology. With the perfect blend of traditional media and digital tools, Illustrators create distinct visuals to carry out their client's creative projects.

Here’s some projects that our expert Illustrator made real:

  • Logo design
  • Vector tracing and re-drawing
  • Cover designs
  • Caricature work
  • Whiteboard animation visuals
  • Image superimposing and manipulation
  • Coloring book creation
  • Characters design

Whether you need a simple logo created or a series of intricate illustrations, our skilled designers make unique visuals specific to your project. With the help of our dedicated professionals you can get the result you’re looking for in no time with impressive speed and great expertise. Our specialists can bring your ideas to life in no time with amazing efficiency and professionalism. With Freelancer by your side you can hire an experienced illustrator from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. With us you can make your vision tangible with professionalism delivered directly to your inbox! Get started today - post your project in and find the perfect Illustrator for your creative project.

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    Buenos dias, necesito ideas de un logotipo sencillo pero a la vez llamativo. Debe de contener como mucho una paleta de dos colores y con estilo muy juvenil. (TEMA A TRATAR MOTOS Y PUEDE QUE ALGO MÁS ESTILO MOTOCLUB)

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    creacion de un logo 4 días left

    necesito crear un logo para una lotificacion. el nombre de la lotificacion es La Ceiba. Árbol de Ceiba: Dado que el nombre de la lotificación es “La Ceiba”, podrías considerar incorporar un árbol de ceiba en el diseño del logo. La ceiba es un árbol majestuoso y simbólico en muchas culturas. Forma de Lote o Terreno: Puedes representar la forma de un lote o terreno en el logo. Esto podría ser una silueta estilizada o una forma geométrica que sugiera parcelas de tierra. Elementos Naturales: Además del árbol de ceiba, considera agregar otros elementos naturales como montañas, ríos o el sol. Estos pueden reflejar la belleza del entorno donde se encuentra la lotificación. Colores: Opta ...

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    Imagen para bordar en camiseta 4 días left

    Hola, Busco a alguien que me ayude en: - Partiendo de una imagen real, (ver imagen adjunta Sherpa) - Hacer 4-5 modificaciones en base a la migaen "Sherpa real" (gardabarros blancos, eliminar faro delantero y trasero, amortiguación de color rojo) - y crear un dibujo listo para que se pueda mandar a bordar en una comiseta. Un saludo,

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    Para el diseño de un callejero, pequeño, necesito la ilustración de las calles de un mapa con sus nombres, se indicarán los colores a utilizar en el diseño. No me valen páginas webs que generen los mapas automáticamente, deberá ser algo más profesional que eso.

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    Un mega paquetes de literaturas y test psicológicos de todas las áreas para profesionales de psicología.

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    Teenage Educational Book Design 6 días left

    I'm looking for a freelancer to design an educational book targeted towards teenagers. Key Elements: - The book is educational in nature, with content tailored to appeal to a teenage audience. - I'm looking for fresh, modern, and clean design elements that will resonate with the target age group. - The design should be engaging and easy to follow, enhancing the learning experience for the readers. - Experience in designing educational material, especially for teenagers, would be a plus. I'm open to creative ideas and suggestions that would make the book aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the intended audience. The ideal candidate for this project would have a strong portfolio that demonstrates their ability to design educational material, and specifically for a teen...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    I'm looking for a talented designer that can help me create a modern and minimalist landscape design for a coastal property in Australia. The primary goal of this design is to create beautiful outdoor seating areas that optimize the views of the surrounding landscape. Key details and requirements: - Emphasis on outdoor seating: While the design will be minimalist and modern, the integration of outdoor seating areas is crucial. These should be strategically placed to offer the best views of the coastal surroundings. - Minimalist design: The landscape should be kept clean and simple, avoiding clutter or overly intricate features. - Coastal elements: The design should incorporate elements typical of coastal landscapes, such as native plants and trees. Skills and background ideal for ...

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    More details: What style of illustration are you looking for? Cartoonish Do you have any specific color preferences for the illustration? Vibrant colors I would like to design 2 cartoon cats to print them in various shirts. They have to be inspired in the cats i'm attaching. They have to be high on weed as image attached. The style of drawing and colors that I would like to use is something similar as Tokidoki clothing brand (attaching a picture of them as well)

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    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer with experience in creating cartoon-based art. Key aspects of this project include: - Designing a podcast thumbnail in a cartoon style that looks almost realistic super hero game characters. - Incorporating my podcast name and a caricature of the hosts in the design [Stephenson's Survival Show] - Using bold font style with bright and vibrant colors, to make it catch the attention of potential listeners. Ability to grasp and translate unique brand characteristics into a visual format is crucial for this job. Proficiency with graphic design software and attention to detail will be highly regarded. Prior experience with similar projects is a plus. Colors: red, white, camouflage green

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    As a growing company, we are planning to refresh our brand with a new minimalistic logo that highlights the simplicity of our services. We've got the following expectations: - The logo should be simple yet creative and attractive, portraying the minimalistic style we prefer. We don't want anything flashy, just the right balance of simplicity and creativity. - The logo usage will be both on digital and print, hence it's necessary to provide files that can be adjusted for various formats without losing the quality or design. - In terms of color, we're seeking a minimal color scheme. The choice of the color spectrum isn't strict, but the palette should emphasize tranquility and simplicity. Ideally, freelancer candidates should have prior experience in minimalist d...

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    I'm looking for a creative logo designer to develop a unique, abstract logo that is more realistic in nature. We'd like it to be called (and therefore have the text) BLUE EYES MEDIA And we're looking for a female face with striking blues eyes. It can be a little abstract. The model could be AI generated. It could be graphic novel style / anime etc. Key Requirements: - Style: Abstract, but realistic - Elements: The logo should prominently feature a girl with striking blue eyes - Color Palette: Blue and white Ideal Skills: - Proficient in creating abstract designs with a realistic touch - Strong illustrative skills - Capability to work with a limited color palette - Understanding of branding and logo design principles Experience in designing unique, eye-catching logos...

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    I'm seeking a talented illustrator who can create a detailed, realistic pencil sketch of a water cylinder. This illustration is not intended for design references or technical documentation; it's a piece of art that I'd like to use for personal purposes. Key Requirements: - Realistic Style: I'm looking for a skilled illustrator who can create a lifelike representation of the water container. Attention to detail is key, and the ability to capture the texture and nuances of the subject matter will be crucial. - Pencil Medium: The illustration needs to be done in pencil, Ideal Candidate: The ideal candidate for this project would possess the following skills and experience: - Strong background in illustration, particularly in realistic styles. - Proficiency in penc...

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    I'm looking for an abstract style logo for my artistic persona. The logo will be used across several platforms - my primary focus is on social media, but it will also be used on merchandise and album covers. I am not married to the idea but I'm looking for something generally Vampire style or alternatively kawaii. I got an LLC for this artist name: this is a very big deal. information success In the mainstream Key Points: - The logo should primarily be in a modern, cool, impressive, drippy style but not too ostentatious - It should be versatile enough to be recognizable and appealing across various mediums including social media, merchandise, and album covers. - The project has a tight deadline - I need it completed as soon as possible. for ideas you can check out my linkt...

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    I'm in need of a logo for my new social media app, Choice 3. (with icon only, the text only and both) It's important that the logo is kept simple, clean, and modern in accordance with the minimalist style. Key elements: I'm envisioning a minimalist approach with clean lines and simple yet effective design. Color scheme: Something like blue, "Logo Name: Trends." Inspirations logo: Instagram, TikTok, TechBot Facebook

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    I'm in need of a skilled illustrator who can bring my children's book to life with vibrant, full-page cartoon-style illustrations. This includes 22 pages that need to fully encompass the spirit of the story and its characters. Specific requirements include: - Mastery in creating vibrant cartoon-like illustrations - Ability to design full-page illustrations - Proficiency in working with bright and vibrant colors This project demands an illustrator with a knack for storytelling through art. Previous experience in children's book illustration is a big plus. I look forward to seeing your portfolio and discussing the project further.

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    Crypto Character GIFs and Memes 6 días left

    I’m in need of a skilled designer to create GIFs and memes featuring a character trading cryptocurrency. The character, which I'll provide pictures of, should be depicted in various settings while engaging with his reading material. Key Requirements: - Creation of many different scenes: like one in an office setting, one in an outdoor setting, and one in a virtual reality setting - Each scene should be designed in a cartoonish style - The character should be the focal point of each image, clearly reading about cryptocurrency in each scenario - Creation of GIFs and Memes Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in creating GIFs and memes - Strong illustration and cartooning skills - Experience in creating humorous and engaging content - Familiarity with the cryptocurrency and...

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    I'm seeking a designer with a knack for modern, minimalist aesthetics to create a combination logo for my business. Company Name is Legacy Construction Ventures: Logo Needs to Have LCV in it or any other creative Ideas: Key Requirements: - The logo should be a blend of both text and icon-based elements, striking a perfect balance between the two. - The style should lean towards modern and minimalistic, with clean lines and a simple, yet sophisticated look. - The color scheme should predominantly feature cool tones, such as blues, greens, and purples, to convey a professional and trustworthy image. ANY COLORS PICK YOUR OWN Ideal Skills: - Proficient in graphic design, particularly in creating combination logos. - Experience in designing modern and minimalist styles. - Strong under...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    This is a contest to create one diagram, 30 total diagrams diagrams will be needed for different situations for this project and bugdet Instructions for Creating an Illustration of Truck Body Types Objective: Create an illustration that clearly conveys the differences between regular trucks and cab and chassis trucks, including a text warning for customers about measuring their frame width. Details: Regular Trucks: Regular Truck with Normal Bed: Show a typical pickup truck with a standard bed. Regular Truck with Camper Shell: Show a pickup truck with a camper shell attached. Cab and Chassis Trucks: Cab and Chassis Truck with Utility Bed: Show a truck with a utility bed, highlighting the standard 34" frame width. ...

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    I'm looking for someone who can help create a quilt pattern for a 42"x42" quilt. The pattern should be of intermediate complexity level. However, I don't have a preference for a specific type of quilting pattern, therefore open to all exciting and creative ideas. Key Details: - Size: 42"x42" - Complexity Level: Intermediate - Pattern Type: Open Ideal Skills: - need an AI file with paintable objects. - Adobe Illustrator - Understanding of quilting - Ability to translate concept into practical, usable pattern - turn line drawing into paintable pattern/template -teach me how to do same - don’t need you to design the quilt - just give me an AI file that I can drop paint colors into digitally, then print a black & white pattern. Samples of previous wo...

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    I'm in need of a playful, happy, and trustworthy logo for my kids' clothing brand, Kids Only Wear. The target audience for this brand is children aged between newborn to 12 years old. Key Points: - The logo should primarily feature the brand name "Kids Only Wear" alongside a fun and happy visual element that conveys playfulness, happiness, and trustworthiness. - The ideal logo would also work well independently, without the brand name, allowing for versatile application across our products and marketing materials. - I'm particularly interested in seeing designs incorporating elements such as animals, toys, and stars, as these are appealing to the younger target audience and can contribute to the overall playful and happy vibe of the brand. I'm looking for a ...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Creative Dance School Poster Design 6 días left

    I need a visually engaging poster for my dance school, which focuses on advertising our diverse dance classes to children and teenagers. Dance company name : Stage Breakerz Key Elements: - This is primarily a promotional piece aimed at attracting young participants. - The poster should be vibrant, colorful, and have a youthful aesthetic. - It should clearly communicate the range of classes we offer, particularly in hip-hop, gaana, kuthu, and contemporary dance styles. - The aim is to create a visually striking piece that immediately captures attention and conveys the fun and energy of our school. Please ensure you have prior experience in creating engaging and effective promotional materials, preferably in the area of dance or similar youth-oriented activities. A background in graph...

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    Card game design 6 días left

    Title Card game design Description We would like a creative illustrator/ design to design our card game called “Lowest Bid Wins”. The game is easy to play and the target market will be both children and adults, both male and female. The cards will be cartoon styled using bright colours as much as possible. The game will consist of 4 types of cards; Item Cards, Bid Cards, Play Cards and Auction Cards. We will require a few different cartoon styled human characters and pictures of various household items such as fridges, mirrors, lawn mowers, barbeques etc. We will also require other types of pictures which will illustrate the actions being described on the Play Cards and Auction Cards. Upon acceptance of your quote, we will be happy to provide you our draft PDF version of the g...

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    I’m looking for a skilled graphic designer who can create a minimalist logo that encapsulates my brand identity. Key Features: - Business brand: DOMI Suits & Studios - DOMI comes from the name of a convent that's located on the other side of the street and it's called Dominicas - It is for a short term studios business. The operation is in a rebuilt building in an European old town. - The logo should be minimalist in design, focusing on simplicity and clarity to enhance brand identity. - Color scheme to involve shades like black, white, and RAL5001 blue to embody a classic and sophisticated edge. Ideal Candidate: - Experienced in minimalist graphic design. - Possesses a strong understanding of branding theory and brand identity. - Familiar with color psychology, ...

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    Trophy icon Logo:Scalp Style Studio 6 días left

    Basic logo name: Scalp Style Studio Whit icon on Ther side (Scalp) is a cosmetic procedure where pigments are applied to the scalp using microneedles. This creates small dots that mimic natural hair follicles, giving the appearance of a closely shaved head or increased hair density. SMP is often used to cover hair loss, baldness, or scars, providing a natural look with minimal maintenance.

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    I am in need of a digital artist with skills aligned to abstract, caricatures, style images of people and vehicles. These digital assets are for my website, specifically for use of describing product scenarios. Key responsibilities: - Develop a set of unique, abstract images in svg format - Ensure images are optimized for showcasing products Ideal candidate: - Proven experience in creating digital assets for websites - Proficient in minimalist and abstract image designs - Excellent time management with a knack for meeting deadlines.

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    I'm in need of a skilled graphic designer to create a set of 5 compelling images per Amazon listing. This product is an Oil that heals the skin and keeps tattoos looking vibrant. More then 12 years of science went into this product. Must provide source files. Must be high definition images. My preference would be that the images are provided in Canva so that I can easily make adjustments. Key Focus: - Lifestyle and Infographic Styles: The images should be designed with both lifestyle shots and infographics in mind. This combination will help convey the product's usability and unique selling points in an engaging way. - Highlight Key Features: The images should focus on showcasing the product's functionality and use, unique selling points, as well as the packaging. E...

    $120 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a talented artist to transform a portrait photograph into a sketch-style drawing. Here's a summary of what I'm looking for: * You should create the piece in black and white. * Your style should aim for realism but with a sketch influence. * The picture will primarily focus on the portrait, meaning no background inclusion. * Both photos should match in style. Skills and Experience: * Advanced skills in charcoal or pencil sketching. * Adept at capturing the essence of a person from a photo. * Dexterity at simplifying a photo by focusing on key features only. * Prior work on realistic portraits will significantly enhance your application. Remember, the goal here is to bring the photo to life in a sketch-style masterpiece. I'm excited to discover your uni...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer who can create a logo with a perfect balance of text and icon. This logo will be a representation of my company's creativity. The essential requirements include: - A combination of text and icon in the logo - A demonstration of creativity through the design - Use of soft and neutral colors to bring the logo to life Ideal candidates should be: - Experienced in designing logos that creatively merge text and icon - Able to use color schemes that are soft and neutral - Comfortable receiving feedback and iterating on designs to achieve the final product.

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    I am kick-starting a novel enterprise, Behaviorly, specializing in behavioral health consulting and training. We need an exceptional logo that captures the essence of our services, indicating a trustworthy and professional image. We have a current logo but it focuses specifically on autism training and we are rebranding and broadening our horizons not to just focus on autism. I have attached the current logo for reference. We don't want anything with a puzzle piece moving forward and I'm looking to make it more playful and less clinical looking if that makes sense. More of an inclusive brand than a mental health service. I am also not opposed to just a logo with our name and not a picture. There is a strong preference for designers who possess: - Keen attention to detail and ...

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    I'm looking for a talented illustrator to design a podcast cover art for my radio show. The style I'm aiming for is illustrative, with a focus on symbolic imagery. The project requires a creative and experienced individual who can bring my vision to life. We prefer the color red. we want to include an image that captures dirt motorcycle racing (no street motorcycles, no track motorcycles) see the instagram accounts @braxtonworkman113 and @farrah_workman for context Key requirements: - Design an illustrative podcast cover art with a focus on symbolic imagery - Use a bright and bold color scheme to make the design visually striking - Proficiency in creating engaging and creative cover art for podcasts - Able to take my ideas and bring them to life in a visually appealing way Idea...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    I want a character that I can use as a logo for a YouTube channel that makes gamer content, ideally that "looks like me" following the same style of the current logo. Honestly, I don't know exactly what I want, I don't have a clear idea, but I'm open to talking to get to the result :)

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    I'm looking for a talented mural artist with a knack for abstract art. The aim of the project is an aesthetic transformation of my wall into an artistic presentation that beckons peace and tranquility. Ideal skills & experience: - Proven experience in abstract art - Mural painting experience, preferably on walls - Ability to paint theme-based murals that evoke specific emotions - Understanding of color Combination to induce a feeling of peace and tranquility Your contribution would be deeply valuable in building an environment that radiates calm and tranquility. Please bid with any relevant portfolio examples of abstract murals, especially those evoking peace and serenity.

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    Non-Fiction Biography Book Design 6 días left

    I need a professional designer to work on a non-fiction biography book. The project includes the design of the cover, interior layout, and illustrations. Key Requirements: - Cover Design: Creating a visually appealing and engaging cover that resonates with the book's theme of a biography. - Interior Layout: Crafting a well-structured and easy-to-read interior layout for the book. - Illustrations: Incorporating illustrations that complement and enhance the content of the biography. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in book design, particularly in the non-fiction genre. - Strong graphic design skills with a keen eye for detail. - Ability to effectively interpret and translate the theme of a biography into visual elements. - Proficiency in using design software for both ...

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    I'm seeking a creative logo designer to craft a playful birthday logo sign saying BENJAMIN’s BACKYARD BIRTHDAY BASH - Theme & Style: The logo should embody a fun and playful style, ensuring it's engaging and joyful in nature. - Color Scheme: I'm looking for the designer to use bright and vibrant colors. These should be energetic and eye-catching, in line with the fun theme. - Elements: The logo should include elements such as a birthday cake or candles, balloons or party hats, and the birthday person's name or initials. These elements are crucial in capturing the celebratory essence of the occasion. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing playful and colorful logos - Proficiency in creating logos with specific elements - Understandin...

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    115 participaciones

    I'm looking for an expert graphic designer to create a captivating and engaging Facebook Page banner for our upcoming event called "Agent CRM Treasure Box Challenge". Key Requirements: - Dimensions: 1200 pixels wide and 628 pixels tall - Style: The banner should reflect a colorful and playful theme, eye-catching and fun, yet still professional. Key Elements Needed: - Treasure Box icon - Incorporate the Agent CRM logo () - Highlight the $1000 Raffle and Instant Win Prizes - Dates of the challenge must be clearly visible (June 1 - 30) I need a design that can attract our target audience and encourage them to participate. It should be visually appealing and able to convey the excitement and thrill of the event. The first page of the attached PDF gives you the outline of t...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    36 participaciones

    I'd like to have a custom Facebook cover photo created using a collage of 8-9 photos of my daughter who is graduating from high school. It was really tough to narrow the photos down but I have attached 9 images that I would love to have used if at all possible. They are numbered in the order that I would like them to appear, preferably from left to right. Because graduation hasn't actually happened yet I would ask that the winning designer please use '9 Graduate ' for now as a placeholder but please help me swap it out with an actual photo of my daughter once I have it. Many thanks and good luck. Post questions if you have any. J.R.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    123 participaciones

    I am in need of a skilled animator who specializes in 2D animation, particularly that of an 'anime' style. This is for an animated short film that I have been working on. The animation will fall at around the fifteen minute mark, however, many measures have been taken to ease the burden of animation. For example, many scenes have been written in the script to break away from dialogue to static images. Also, there is very little movement in the short film, as it all takes place during one conversation and 80% of the runtime takes place in one, small, enclosed location. Backgrounds have already been drawn, I am only looking for someone to animate two (at most, three) characters over these backgrounds. Ideal candidate should have: - Extensive experience with traditional hand-dra...

    $1102 (Avg Bid)
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    It is a personal website main theme Key Requirements: - The design should be futuristic and mysterious in nature, reflect elemnts of cosmos and universe just as picture I attached. Think of a blend between science fiction and the unknown but most I want to focus on cosmos and also universe SHOULD NOT LOOK TOO MUCH COLD AI OR ROBOTIC - Colors primary are white, berry, silver and subtle shine features. -It should still convey purity and femininity should not be too robotic. See example I attached I need similar to this. Use the same girl in the design for now.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    15 participaciones

    I am seeking a talented artist to create an engaging, animal-themed cartoon painting set in an indoor environment. You should be proficient in cartoon style of painting, blending creativity and realism to give life to the painting. Ideal skills and experiences needed: - Strong experience with cartoon-style painting - Proven background in creating animal-themed art - Ability to create detailed indoor settings - Good communication skills Your responsibility will be: - To create a captivating cartoon painting, featuring animals in an indoor environment - To collaborate with me and incorporate my vision and ideas into the art.

    $91 (Avg Bid)
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    74 ofertas

    For the contest, please just illustrate 1 or 2 steps, so I can see what you're capable of doing. The winner will be then paid $25.00. Then $35.00 more to finish the complete illustration. I'm in need of an illustration that explains how to make a paracord bracelet, specifically using the Solomon/Cobra design. The image will be targeting all ages, so it should be simple, clear, and engaging. Key details for the project: - The illustration should be in a vector format, preferably SVG or AI. - The style needs to be cartoonish, yet realistic, ensuring the steps are easy to understand for all ages. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong illustration skills, particularly in a cartoonish style. - Experience in creating vector graphics, especially in SVG or AI. - Understanding of de...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    13 participaciones
    CARS TO SE 6 días left

    I'm seeking a graphic designer to create a realistic style logo for my brand. The logo should embody a bold and vibrant color scheme, reflecting a youthful and energizing tone. Key Requirements: - Realistic Style: The logo should be designed with a realistic visual style. - Bold and Vibrant: The color palette of the logo should be bold and vibrant to convey a youthful and energizing feel. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in graphic design, specifically in creating logos with realistic illustrations. - Proficiency in using bold and vibrant color schemes effectively in design. - Understanding of the brand identity and ability to translate that into a visually appealing logo. Please include relevant samples of your previous work in your proposal. Looking forward to...

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm searching for a portrait photographer who can buy a series of pictures featuring different apple varieties and apple plants. The pictures should be taken using natural outdoor lighting. Key Requirements: - Portrait Photography Skills: A good eye for capturing the nuances and details of apple varieties and plants is essential. - Access to Natural Light: Given the requirement for outdoor lighting, the ideal candidate should have access to suitable outdoor locations. - Appreciation of Nature: A passion or respect for nature and plants would be a plus, helping bring out the beauty and uniqueness of different apple varieties. Please provide your portfolio or examples of previous work that demonstrate your ability to capture the subject matter in a portrait style. The goal is to creat...

    $261 (Avg Bid)
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    I need 12 pictures recreated in Illustrator. I have the source PNG files, and the output must be optimized for website use and Instagram. Ideal skills for this project: - Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator - Attention to detail in recreating pictures - Knowledge of image optimization for web and social media - Ability to ensure the final output is suitable for Instagram Key requirements: - Each recreated picture must closely resemble the original source, without creative reinterpretation. - The output must be optimised for website use and Instagram, ensuring the images are the right size and quality for these platforms.

    $93 (Avg Bid)
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    Creative Minimalist Logo Design 6 días left

    I'm in need of a talented logo designer who specializes in minimalist styles. The logo should primarily consist of bold and vibrant colors, and it should convey a feeling of creativity and innovation. Key Requirements: - Minimalist Style: The logo should follow a minimalistic approach, avoiding complex designs. - Bold and Vibrant Colors: The primary color scheme of the logo should be bold and vibrant. - Creative and Innovative Theme: The logo design should creatively represent a sense of innovation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in minimalist logo design - Strong understanding of color psychology - Ability to create innovative and creative design concepts - Proficiency in relevant design software If you have a strong portfolio showing your minimalist, creative, ...

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm searching for an experienced illustrator with a knack for watercolor art. This project involves creating appealing and engaging illustrations for a children's book, intended for preschoolers aged 3-5. Requirements: - Develop watercolor-style illustrations that captivate and entertain young minds. - Ability to translate stories into creative imagery - Ideally, you should have prior experience illustrating children's books and a portfolio demonstrating your watercolor work - I require more than 20 illustrations, so willingness and ability to handle this volume is crucial. Your work will help bring an imaginative narrative to life and captivate our young audience, making the page-turning experience unforgettable.

    $105 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Early Learning Centre Logo Design 6 días left

    I'm looking for a creative logo designer to help me establish the brand identity of my new Early Learning Centre and day-care, the Elevate Learning Club. Key Elements: - The logo should reflect a sense of modernity, playfulness, and elegance. - The color scheme should predominantly feature blue, green, and yellow, to appeal to children aged 3 to 10, and also to convey trust and professionalism to parents. Design Elements: - Incorporate any combination of the following symbols - ABC blocks, children, and books. These elements are critical in communicating the essence of our brand - a nurturing and educational environment where children can grow and learn. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in graphic design and logo creation with a portfolio that demonstrates creativity and versatility. -...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    88 participaciones
    Vintage-Themed Food Menu Design. 6 días left

    THIS PROJECT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED TODAY IN THE NEXT 4-6 HOURS. DONT RESPOND IF YOU CANT DELIVER IN THIS TIME FRAME. RESPOND WITH ACTUAL COST AND DONT ASK ME MY BUDGET. YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO COMPLETE THIS PROJECT IN 1-2 HOURS. I need a creative graphic designer to work on a menu board design tailored to my restaurant's theme. - The main function of the design is to display our food items prominently. - It also has to be an effective tool for promoting our restaurant's vintage branding. - The size should be 1800x700, and the orientation is landscape. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency with graphic design software - Prior experience in creating menu boards - Ability to incorporate vintage elements effectively - Understanding of effective restaurant branding - Attention to detai...

    $93 (Avg Bid)
    $93 Oferta promedio
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