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A Aaaaaaaa... - a a - a a - a business card a business consulting company logo - a drafting to scale of building frame and components a drafting to scale of building frame and components - A logo a logo design for a business in the name of majestic maid - A Project for sethomondi2010 only a question about c language - A translator - open to bidding A translator - open to bidding - repost - A "CSI-like" investigation board app A "Did you Know" type video for our companies story - A $35.00 Bonus For Job Wll DONE A % body fat, lean body mass, goal weight and goal date calculator for men & women - A "Startup" Video -> workoutplan24 A "T-Shirt Designer Like" - A 'scanner' to find what songs are being played on Internet Radio stations. A 'sign-up' subscription service website - A .22LR futuristic rifle. a .dll file for .chm file - A .NET wrapper for OpenCV for Face Recognition A .pdf written to be specific to our business - A 1 page ''Under construction'' site a 1 page both side brochure - a 10 minute power point presentation a 10 minute power point presentation - A 10,000 word e book on romance A 10,000 word e book on romance - repost - A 1000 word essay on communication A 1000 word paper on Integrity... - A 13 page Wordpress website for Charity cource A 130 second Marketing Animation - A 1500 word essay on 3. In relation to western classical dance development, discuss six key events that shaped the genre using at least 3 peer-reviewed sources -- 2 A 1500 word essay written on architecture history (many questions to choose from) - A 2 minute animation video A 2 minute long video - A 2 pages paper about history. A 2 sided FLYER, Full Color & very nice. I have the content/text. - A 20 page PDF needs to be written in word doc A 20 page power point presentation. - A 2000 Euro Web Expert 200 Mini - 60 Major Website a 2000 French to English document translation - A 2017 calendar A 20th anniversary fantasy film poster - a 2:30-3 min video a 2D 30 minute presentation of an animated action series - A 2D game with different simple avatars A 2D Game with Unity3D - A 3 doors wardrobe modeling/rendering a 3 floor Bed sitters design for sale on a 40ft*80ft plot for sale - A 3 pages website design a 3 phase separator for oil and gas industry - A 3-scene flash animation A 3-step illustration - a 30 seconder 3D animation TVC for School purposes a 30 seconds clip - A 30s Portfolio Motion Graphic A 32Bit program Converted to a 64Bit needed - A 3d animated intro for my youtube series A 3D animated Video - A 3D AutoCAD design for the layout of a small rock crushing plant A 3D BOX DONE IN 3DS MAX - A 3D design a 3d design of a clinic - A 3D game to be developed similar to 8 ball Pool by Miniclip. A 3D game using unity 3D - a 3D logo for Ovamann pumps limited A 3d maze game - a 3d model of a shopping cart and an airport trolley A 3d model of a tornado - A 3D printable model of my friend in the style of the Disney movies A 3D printed prototy[e - a 3d shed designer and order system -- 3 a 3d sketch and possible model - A 3ds max model of A corrugated display - Repost a 3ds max model turned into a fbx file that works in Faceshift - a 4-6 research paper about how fast food affect people's health A 4-BIT MULTIPLIER - A 440 volts Switch Yard protection techniques and methods in National thermal power station. A 45 sec - 1 min simple trailer. - A 5 minute sketch video of an IT solution a 5 minute speech for the end of year student awards evening for secondary school - A 5*30cm PCB row of CL6807s A 5,000 word research paper on WTO - a 500 word PR piece about a new apartment development that we are selling A 500 words Engineering Assignment - A 6 page website a 60 second 2D/3D animation work for a short movie - a 6502 programmer a 6502 programmer - repost - A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 4 A 8-page undergrad research paper - A 9gag script with partner program A 9gag website in french - a accurate and fast typist a ActiveX OCX For SIP - A advertising membership website a advertising mind map - a analysis of an ANOVA a analysis of an ANOVA -- 2 - A animated advertisement for a business A animated mascot for webpage and facebook cover page - A aplicación publicada en stores se necesita actualizar certificados de apple, phonegap, re-configurar notificaciones push a app - A app to deliver the talk time - open to bidding A app to help find a phone - a art design for a rap group a arte de vender e investir em arte - A assistant for the neon girls (were 10 years old) A Assistant Required - A awesome landing page website of an mobile app - repost 2 A awesome landing page website of an mobile app - repost 3 - A baby boy and a jaguar A Baby First Memory Book - A backgroud software that interact with a gps navigation app (waze, mapfactor, beonroad) A background added to the website - A BALL GOWN a ballet dancer drawing - A banner about soccer A banner ad for a sticker or logo - A banner for a restaurant A banner for a server - a banner for our facebook offer a Banner for our new website advertising we have a phone app - A basic Grocery shopping app ! A Basic & Small Product Flyer - A basic calculator in C# A basic calculator in C# - A basic geographical community site in python/django : similar to A basic google map and search bar on my website - A Basic Java Program to Calculate Payment Plan for School Students A basic jquery/javascript/html page to page 2D game made - A Basic Port Scanner A basic Postfix Calculator using Stacks. - A basic static web site built A basic Turbo C++ Calculator - a basic website just like this one A basic website to create - A batch of 7 simple accounting subject assignment A batch of 7 simple accounting subject assignment - A Beautful Encore a beautiful aap - A Beautiful, Simple, Minimal Splash Screen Website A Beautiful, Simple, Minimal Splash Screen Website -- 2 - A beginning of a poker bot,
A beginning of a poker bot. - A better application of an existing logo A Better Choice Day Habilitation: The community coming together to support the Developmentally Disabled adults - A better tipping comp A better version of - A bid bot on a bid in objective-c - A big housing project design in different states A big interior project - A BigCommerce Expert is needed for theme installation A bike docking system - A Binary options Signal Service A BInary Search Tree - a birthday party "photoshoot" with 4-5 friends and included pictures A birthday party flyer for my daughters 13 birthday party it's an Iparty - A BIT OF EVERYTHING A bit of fun ;) - A bitcoin integrated funding web site A Bitcoin project: Build a website exactly like - A Black Sunday by Jamal Greene A Blackberry App for an E-Magazine - a blog A Blog & BuddyPress Project *NO INDIANS* - a blog desinged A Blog every day - A blog pinger A Blog Post - a blog team a blog that will draw and engage customer to us - A Blogger A Blogger - a blogger to write content for website blog and social media A Blogger/Writer - A board game conversion A board game gambling site - A book on Protecting kids on the internet -- 3 A book -- 2 - A book blog - I review mainly books. A book copying - A book cover design A book cover design -- 2 - A Book Editor - open to bidding A book Editor - repost - a book in PSD animated A Book keeper - a book on nutrition health a book on nutrition health - A Book Summary Is Needed A book that needs to be professionally edited - a book writin A Book writing from webnier - A Booking System API integrating with a Wordpress Theme A booking system for a Bouncy Castle company - A booklet 4/25 x 7 A bookmarking website - A Boring Book A Boss that Im qualified for his/her job. - A bot that automatically "undos" Wikipedia edits a bot that can autofill the simple captchas - A Botanist and a photographer [need to see qualifications] A Bots For Chat Network / Social Network! - A Box2D intro for a website A boxing glove in 3 D - A BRAND LOGO A brand logo - A Brand New Press Release a brand new web site - A brief animation for the home page of a new web site A brief article research - A Bright Idea A bright, talented, ambitious and self-motivated web designer with a strong technical background who possesses self-discipline and the ability to work with the minimum of supervision. Able to play a key role throughout a sites development to ensure max - A brochure designed using our exisiting logo and template A brochure for a safari company - A brochure. A Broken php script. - A Builder a building and construction engineering website - A bulk sms mobile app to send sms. It will be able to send sms through phon... A Bulk SMS site for registered Users to use and send sms globally. - A Bunch of Rewrites Required #8 A Bunch of Rewrites Required 2 - A business application with GPS service a business art work for seminar - a business card that I can manipulate (to add names, titles, etc as the business grows), a services sheet, letterhead a business card that looks like iphone 6 - A Business Development Research for Philippines A Business Development Research for South Korea - a business job a business law report to write by 16th 5pm - A business logo A business logo - a business logo created for a personal trainer A business logo design. - A Business Manager That Will Connect With DB a business name and logo - A business plan a Business plan - A business plan and standard operating procedures are required for licencing purposes A business Plan consisting of only the Market and Competition of My business - a business plan project A business plan required - a business proposal towards building an app A Business Proposition - A Business Webpage Ranks #6; Needs to Rank Top Three A Business Website - A button to put at the top of the tool bar like Pin it A button to share page before displaying results - A c program to implement the key logging feature of the simpeshell in UNIX. A c program to implement the key logging feature of the simpeshell in UNIX. - repost - a c# simple program a C# unity (game) project - A C++ game code is required... A C++ Logger App rewritten in NodeJS - A c++ program/script that pulls score daily that I can use - open to bidding A c++ program/script that pulls score daily that I can use - open to bidding - repost - A C- language Programming Assignment to create a Math Server A C- language Programming Assignment to create a Math Server - open to bidding - A CAD Design of Glass wear for a mold a cad designer - A Cafe website(repost) a cafeteria plan to pull permits - A calendar grid for 2014 Calendar Photoshop cs2 - Repost A calendar on Visual studio 2008 - A Call to Action - open to bidding A call to action button on my header (attached) - A camera operator A camera person - A can Do everything on facebook .. - open to bidding A Canadian Writer Needed - A car advert website A Car Auction Website - a card deck shuffle a card for the pin buddy - A caricature from myself A caricature of a couple in wedding dress - A cartoon and caricature artist A cartoon animated - A cartoon illustration A cartoon illustration - A cartoon picture, preferably a computer design but can work with a drawing A Cartoon Script - a cartoonist/graphic artist A cartoony illustration - A case study on organisational change - repost A Case Study On The Marketing of Instant Noodles In Geetanagar Bazzar - A cat drinks milk A cat on a hot tin roof - A catchy short slogan