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A CDR for Electrical Engineer - Repost - A challenging position companu A champions Mind - A change up of my already designed webpage. a changed logo to different words - A character for a 2d game A character for a logo - a chart I use to be enhanced A chartered accountant - A Chatroulette type of random video chat with modifications A chatting app which will let you know when your friend is nearby. - a chef A Chef / Cook - A chemist with experience about household cleaning products A chemistry engineer (cosmetics) - a children's book a children's book - a children's educational workbook a children's illustrator - A Chinese freelance manage the wordpress and plugins a chinese head chef - a chinese virtual assistant A Chinese Website in Mandarin on Word Press - A Christmas Romance Short Story -lydiairis A christmas themed project - A church Youth Group logo A Churchill Fellowship - A City Portal A City Portal Website - A civil engineer to help sometimes with my groundwork project A civil engineer who is also an quantity surveyor to work in Bahrain for a construction company owner is Dutch. - A Class with an Array: A stack A classic Tetris game for Ipad (Arcade) - A classified website for a rural community in Zambia (Africa) A Classified website like (in Arabisch and Engelisch) - A clean attractive light weight CMS Website A clean busylamp patch - a click for lifetime memories & brand name should be daymaker A Click-Triggered Script to Check for a Value in a DB & Return Output. - A clinic needs a 3d modeling and some design a clinical note program for a physiotherapy practice - A clone of a website with some features A clone of adultwork - A clone of - with all the same functionality a clone of or - a clone of UnityMail 5.1 A Clone of a classified site - a clone software call bookthatapp - open to bidding A clone website - metacafe - a clothing website a clothing website where you can custom design your apparels - A cluster of mini projects A Clustering Based Scalable Hybrid Approach for Web Page Recommendation. - A CMS site setup and content A CMS to be built and Install templates - A Coat.. A Cobol programming job I can do from home. - A code to be written using c++ a code to like/unlike all profiles in - A coder to edit my php script A coder to fix a website. - a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 - open to bidding - A Collection of Tattoo Images Required to Illustrate a Book. A Collection of WordPress sites as starter to permanent part-time role (updates and basic site creation) - A Colloidal Silver Primer A color chart and a revision to my php file - A combination of Search Engine and News feed A combination of website design, management, and writing - A comic style cartoon made into a short video A comic-style ''BAM!'' image - A commercial guide of companies A commercial text for my website - A Community Newspaper A community newspaper / news / discussion portal in Russian - a compamy logo and bussiness cards samples A COMPANY - A Company Logo A Company Logo - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a company logo for 4 product line A company logo for an electrical company. - A Company Profile need to be designed A company profile of East End Foods - A company web site A Company Website - A Company with strong design and cms development skills A company's profile report based in UAE - A compartive analysis in one web page A compatriot in need of some answers - a complaint web site A Comple Clone of Website .. ? - a complete automated marketing s system A Complete Autopilot Traffic Progam/Generator - A complete design of a personal residence - ongoing work a complete design of kids slippers and shoes - A complete implementation of a program - repost A Complete Job Portal in PHP - A complete PAID VPN service. A complete PHP Project - A complete SEO Package - repost A complete SEO Package - repost 2 - A complete web application built from scratch - open to bidding A Complete Web Site - A complete website for classified ads A complete website loaded with Q&A functionalities. - A completely new website solution based upon a competitors offering, but with enhanced benefits and functionality A complex algorithm created - A component for building portable applications for a BoxedApp Packer-like application A component to be made for photo upload - A comprehensive marketing person that can drive all marketing intiatives to completion A comprehensive marketting compaign - A computer engineer for a project A computer game - a COMSOL Gyro model A Concept Artist - A configuration change in Sagepayment payment gateway a configuration guide for webmin and virtualmin - a consultant A consultant in ISO9001 documentation - A contemporary African American Author A contemporary fiction book translated - a content writer who can write content for my ads a content writer/blogger - A Contract Management software A Contract Project/Process Manager - Help with Service Management process control and implementation - a cook for a camp A cookbook - a cool looking index page A Cool new site - A copy of A copy of - a copy of the script you wrote that will auto post ads to - open to bidding A copy of the site under a new domain - a common database - a copy writer to write content for a landing page for life insurance. and then content for the rest of webiste A Copy-writing project for himalapalni only! - A copywriter with a wedding industry background A copywriter with a wedding industry background - A Corporate Identity for an IT managed service provider A corporate Identity for De Les Roches( DLR) - a corporate website
a corporate website for a web design company - A Countdown Clock a countdown clock for a special promotion - A Couple Hours of Wordpress and Javascript help A couple hours of work into finishing an existing solid works model that I started. - A couple of fixes of my site with PHP HTML a couple of flash tasks - 15 USD max - we shall give FLA - A couple of small changes to WP site a couple of small design - A couple photoshoot A Couple Quick PHP/MySQL Issues - A coupons site A coupons site(repost) - A cover for my children/young adult ebook A cover for my murder mystery - A Craigslist Image Ad A Posting Service - A creative copywriter. A creative design for a band's logo - A creative is needed to build a new website from a template A creative logo - A creative plot A creative portfolio - A Creative Writer - 22116AU A Creative Writer - MC10516 - A credit repair web site.ive already bought a domain name and a hoisting .l need someone to put this together a credit risk analysis of Indian banking sector - A Critical Analysis on Family and Kinship A critical appraisal of ECC contract - A Critical weiting report A criticism of Cloud Computing - 3 pages (750 words) - A cross platform app for uploading media to a server A cross platform app for uploading media to a server - A crowdfunding press release A Crowdfunding Site - A CS:GO Survey Website A cs:go wagering and skilled gaming site - a css guy who can clean some css of wordpress a css guy who can fix front page - A current shopping cart site design copied and developed into a majento site A Current-Source-Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Drive System - A custom call us module that resizes on mobile devices A custom card game: GETSOME - A custom Ecommerce shop "Urgent" A CUSTOM ECOMMERCE STORE (french and english speaker) - A Custom formatted Excel Spreadsheet -- 2 A Custom Gamecube Controller - a custom locket A Custom Logo - A custom marketplace store like multilanguage - repost A custom marketplace with innovation - A custom Pdf.js viewer A custom personalised Portfolio App for Ipad and Iphone - A custom project for HugoLazo A Custom Project for Maha2005 - A custom theme implementing based off a design we have already created A custom timer application - A custom wine to submit to the TTB for approval A custom woocommerce payment plugin - A customer management platfrom + ChargeBee integration A Customer management system for a mobile phone company - A customizable web forum A customizable website builder for textbook stores - a customized pair of football/soccer boots - repost A customized Plugin - A cutting edge Social Network to be developed A cutting edge toolbar to "unmask" websites when paid - a dance group performing dance within malls a dance manager - A data based PHP website with a Flash a data bast to scan documents into a folder , to help go paperless, for customer .s data - A data entry job - open to bidding a data entry job - open to bidding - A Data Entry Project Specific to the United Kingdom a data entry project/contract. - a data typing work a data typing work - A Database Error Occurred A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server during query - A database site of skilled freelance for Norwegian students A database system with SQL and develop an application by C#. - A Dating and blogging sites for Nigerian Students a dating app - A Dating Website A Dating website - A dcoument reader A DDos Booter for a stress test - A decent quality video for a personal branding purposes A decision making app - a deleted fi;e a deleted file - A dentist who loves working in data entry field A Depop auto follow and unfollow bot for a macbook - A design about board games for a voucher A DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF RECTENNA (rectifying antenna)FOR EFFICIENT TRANSMISSION’ - a design for a call of duty clan A design for a car sticker - a design for a t shirt A design for a T-shirt - A design for my brand of coffee 'Tintico Coffee' or ' Tinto Coffee' A design for my house. I want someone with architectural cad skills to help design a house for me to build. - A design in Rhino 3D A Design Job - a design project for a photo kiosk A design project for Cariva Design - a Designer a designer - A designer or artist for my upcoming android game A designer required - A designer who has knowledge of asian matrimonial designs A designer who is very familar with Indesign and illustrator. - A Desktop Application needs to be built A desktop application that clicks a few buttons on a website - a desktops software for my Photo Studios A Destination Website - a detailed research paper A detailed solar project report to be written - A developer for our wordpress site A Developer For Voice Recognition Framework Needed. -- 2 - A developer to make a website A Developer to optimize a Magento website script to avoid abusing CPU resources - A developer with Augmented Reality experience A developer with experience in native java and php - A develper for eccommerce portal A deveoper with Open WRT skills for a project involving WiFi Routers - A DHCP client in java/C# with some modification A DHCP client in java/C# with some modification - open to bidding - A Dice game for a virtual currency like bitcoin a dictionary app with excellent features. - A difficult webpage conversion from design (PART 2) A difficult webpage conversion from design (PART 3) - A digital IR counter / Specific Tracking Counter w/reset A digital logo for my advertising/recycling service - A digital world cup wall chart - open to bidding A Dino Hunt - A directory website to be built within an existing site and also include article and press submission features a directory with pics - A Display Unit needs to be designed for Retail ( Mall) a display, preferably transparent, on which I can project images - a divorce lawayer A DIY SITE - A Django fix A Django fix - ongoing work - A dll