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A Diablo II Clientless bot. - A dictionary crawler in Java needed a dictionary project - A digg type featured site using Wordpress A digg/reddit alike site - a digital logo including the vector file A digital market place for selling rerecorded video and live streaming workshop - A Dino Hunt a diploma confirming a scientific award - A directory website to be built within an existing site and also include article and press submission features a directory with pics - A Display Screen + Tablets A Display Unit needs to be designed for Retail ( Mall) - A divisional one page activity calendar to be provided to the greater business a divorce lawayer - A django developer with CSS skills is needed. -- 6 A django developer with CSS skills is needed. -- 7 - A docker bug fix a doctor's website - A document typed in Word a document typed up (copied) - A dog chasing a mailman simulation using Matlab A dog logo for my dog blog - A website clone - open to bidding A donation form for the website like one on There is no PayPal in Pakistan so it should be connected to my bank account only. - A Downloadable Software Including Video Player A downward-scrolling game for Android platform with simple graphics - A Drawing A drawing - a drawing of a beach scene A drawing of a bucket and lid that I can submit for patent - a drawing or cartoon picture A drawing remade with color, either graphically or by other means - a drinks brand logo A driver (Manual - Auto) - A drupal 8 plateform (juste the beta version and more information) A drupal based CMS for price comparison - A DSP plugin for Windows and Mac Audio software. A dual camera App - A dynamic cache partitioning in XEN hypervisor A dynamic calendar - A dynamic short introduction A dynamic site for 3 GB reseller hosting plan - A dynamic website for a car gallery, with admin panel A dynamic website for a small construction and property mgt - A dynamic wordpress template - open to bidding a dynamic wordpress theme - a easy avenue for indigenous locals to navigate to a safe and comfortable way in ordering goods and services. ie groceries, clothing, entertainment. a easy bash script from second year - A ecommerce to sell document A ecommerce web site for real estate that will have snapshot the landlords would be able to upload and download post property pics - A EG Logo A elearning platform needs to be built - A English Rewriter And ReFormat Document - FILIPINO ONLY a English teacher who knows Spanish - A essay on education A essay on why do I want to work doe The New York Life Company" - A Experienced java developer A experienced professional scientific review writer needed - A extension bug on my magento site ASAP A extra option at Joomla 2.5 website with DJ-classifieds - A Facebook App page A facebook APP snippet that will upload a video to a timeline - A facebook fan page/ corporate web page A FaceBook Fanpage - A Facebook Store for Woocommerce A facebook viral script & app - A fake real looking nigerian death cert A Fake School Certificate - A famous mobile games company needs artwork to feature in a new social painting app. A famous Salvidor Dali painting redrawn or painted. - A Fashion Dedigner a fashion design full portfolio - A fashion designer a fashion designer - A fashion illustrator A fashion illustrator - A fashion sketch artist to create quick portraits in fashion illustrations. A fashion wallpaper design for iphone, ipad, android & other devices with our logo - A FAST combinations calculator/tester Program NEEDED A FAST combinations calculator/tester Program NEEDED - a fast typist a fast web designer who understands php well - a feature article of friendship - open to bidding A feature for a investment(hyip) script - A female model A Female Model- Aged 16-30 - A few sentences translated from English to German A few .css works - A few amendments to a Wordpress website a few animations in jquery or anything SEO friendly - A few Australian Business Legals we need organised a few back end changes - A Few CakePHP Customizations a few car articles - A few changes on adding an address in google maps. a few changes on website - A few changes to Magento store + checkout A few changes to my design and insert it into a Script - A few clones required A few clothing pieces done for my Secondlife store - A Few Creatives for an 18+ Site A few css / php adjustments regarding responsiveness - A few designs A few designs for tank tops for women's fitness clothing line - a few family photos and portraits A few features fixed for a game on the unity engine - A few fixes for my website. A Few Fixes in PHP - A few forms in php - submitting to a mysql db a few Full time programmers for a big project - a few headers a few hours of consulting c# - A few icons A few icons for web use. - A few issues on DENTAL web site A few issues with my wordpress site fixed - A few lines of code for a .net desktop application (C#) A few lines of code for a .net desktop application (C#) - A few Mangento Template Fixes A few mathematical problems to solve (MATH) - A few minor updates at forum website A few minor updates to a custom online ordering system - A few modifications to website a few modifications to wordpress site - a few Oscommerce add-ons installed and some troubleshooting of existing addons. A few OsCommerce odds and ends... (small job) - A few PHP website fixes A few PHP/Flash/HTML/CSS tasks - A few projects... A few Quality Writers to Join my team - a few quick html css changes A few Quick HTML Edits to Custom PHP Site - A few short animated clips. A few short animations built for game skeleton - a few simple educational games on my site - you don't need to code anything a few simple educational games on my site - you don't need to code anything(repost) - A few simple sentences to translate from English to German A few simple small jquery / ajax tasks on an opencart theme - A few small changes to existing site A few small changes to my blog..... - A few small java programs A few small jobs - a few software developers for an ERP system project.
A few specific-technical questions - A few things added/changed out a few things here and there - a few tweaks to laravel website A few tweaks to Magento store with custom template - A few VPS maintenance jobs A few web pages - A few Wordpress and CSS tasks A few wordpress changes - a fiction book A fiction catholic proofreader - A file deleted from wordpress a file need to be converted from a pdf to Mircosoft Word Document or epub 2 - A Film Director's Approach to Managing Creativity A Film Editor - A final year IT diploma project -- 2 A Final Year report on Using Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting stock prices on Singapore Stock Exchange - A Finance/Monthly Payment Calculator for OpenCart with dropdown change for 12-24-36 Months A financial analysis to review the cost of current management with the cost of the incorporation of Nu-Life Programmes into General Practices. - A Fine artist A fingerprint scanner used to unlock a car - A first edition App that makes an iPhone 4 3g transceiver, t A First of its Kind Business Payment Solution for India - a five page website A five second intro for my YouTube show. - A fixed div that disappear if "screen.width" is lower than 1124 A fixed grid over googlemaps, with clickable squares(repost) - A flash auto play (SWF format) with a single video material product that we A flash banner - A flash game A flash game - can be based on existing one - A flash mob for a wedding proposal A flash mob in Paris France sept 30, 2014 - A flash system like in a Flash tcp/ip socket bridge - A flashmob that "fakes" a service delvier protest or strike A flashy web design - A Floating Dock A floating toolbar - A Flyer A flyer - A Flyer design A flyer design for around the island tour/jam - A flyer made up to get people to sign up for our text advertising app A flyer made up to get people to sign up for our text advertising app - ongoing work - A Folder Full of CC Images with References A Folder Full of Creative Commons Photos with References - open to bidding - A food Share App a food sharing social network - A for loop A Application - A Form Like Wufoo to help many customers help their customers using Wufoo A form making with javascript - A formal legal letter A formal letter of franchise purposal - A FORUM & GUIDE WEB SITE SCRIPT A Forum App that needs finishing - A forurm for a social network A foundation plan for a residential house on Oakland Hill - A Frame Sign A frame sticker 24". X 36" - A free government grant A Free Guide To Network Marketing - A free lancing job - open to bidding a free powerpoint key - A freelance artist that will artistically draw the outside of an Art Deco building with three proposed frameless glass balconies drawn on the facade. I would like an artists impression of what the building would look like with the balconies in situ to en A Freelance auction script - A freelance executive a freelance fundraiser - A freelance Illustrator A freelance IT professional - A freelance photographer A freelance photographer - A freelance translator who could translate between Pashto and English for the subtitles of a documentary. a freelance vectorial graphic designer - a freelancer a freelancer - A freelancer photographer from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd a freelancer project - A freelancer translator A freelancer translator - a freelancing multimedia person A Freelancing opportunity as a project manager - A fresh brand new native iOS iPhone app Fashion Portal App repost A fresh brand new native iOS iPhone app Fashion Portal App repost 2 - A fresher in Chemical Engineering A fresher php developer for long term work - A front cover for a Spy Novel called "The Spies Who Live" written by Keith Grissett. Back page will be my text. A front cover for my book - A Full Auction Web Site using PHP or JSP. a full book written - a full ebay similar website is needed as soon as possible A full eCommerce website - A full New design at - open to bidding A full new Style for Magento - A full stack developer with "django & CSS" is needed -- 2 A full stack developer with "django & CSS" is needed -- 3 - A full time Android Programmer for a month A Full Time Article Writer Is Needed - A full Time writer Is Needed -- 2 A full time/part time Personal Office Assistant - A full-rate full-diversity 2x2 space-time block code with linear complexity for the maximum likelihood receive A full-rate full-diversity 2x2 space-time block code with linear complexity for the maximum likelihood receiver - A Fully Functional Ring Tone Website A Fully Functional Ring Tone Website - a fun and simple website to buy/find clothes online a fun application for android is required - A function that will be able to sort photos throug range-sliders A function that will compute how many times a stock has risen/fallen >20% in 180 days - A Fundamental Study of Supervised Learning Techniques A Fundraiser - a Fusion Restaurant named: Pots&Pans A Future base track - A Gambling site A gambling website - A game app A game app - A game called wall street tycoon A game called wall street tycoon - open to bidding - A game edited (Championship manager 03/04) - repost 4 a game for a class due by about early july 2017 - A game for mobile devices A game for mobile devices - A game like Frogger A game like fun run - a game on iOS A game on iPhone or Andorid mobile - A game site A game site based on making predictions - a game with java mobile edition (250$) A game with music - A gaming community website mainly focused on a forums concept a gaming ladder required for a website - a ganar plata a Gannt Chart for a construction project - A general class to simulate and extend collections A general mobile app for prayers.. - A Geotechnical Assignment A german language project - a ghost writer a ghost writer - A ghostwriter A ghostwriter - A ghostwriter for a children's book