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Add content to Website Template - Add content to Wordpress Site Add content to Wordpress site - Add content to wordpress website Add content to wordpress website - Add content/articles to site Add content/design content pages - Add contents to Facebook Applications without programming Add contents to handi dom website - add contribution 689 - customer discount add contribution oscommerce admin - Add controls to custom control for vscrolling Add controls to custom control for vscrolling -- 2 - Add cookie to Facebook share popup locker add cookie to javascript popup - Add coordinate axes in a plotting application Add coordinate axes in a plotting application - - Add correct button links to multilingual website add correct canonical in web site - Add countdown to HTML coming soon page -- 2 Add counter and a links page to my web - Add couple of features to website Add couple of modules in OSCOMMERCE - Add Coupon Feature to .XSLT-based cart Add coupon on my site - Add cpanel on my VPS server and some small things Add CPU AI opponents to my Flash game - Add Credit Card (CC) as a Form of Payment in wordpress Wooecommerce store Add Credit Card + CVV module for Oscommerce - Add credit card payment to my Joomla website Add credit card payment to our shopping cart - Add credits to account | Paypal(button) purchase - PHP/MySQL Add CRM API To Website (Replacing Webforms) - Add cross-domain tracking Add cross-out feature on WpProQuiz - Add CSS Code to Wordpress Theme - Desktop Only Add css design to a gravity form in wordpress - Add CSS to blog posts categories Add CSS to custom sidebar - Add css, jquery and little bit php work add CSS/HTML elements to an existing page - Add csv to file to my website -- 3 Add csv to file upload to my website - Add currency conversion to my Virtuemart 1.1 site. Add currency converter - Add Custom attribute to magento email confirmation. Add custom badges to my Wordpress posts based on category or tags - Add custom CSS Mouseover Code to Magento website Add custom css to a javascript Hubspot form - Add custom feature / link to my big commerce store add custom feature and edit pages in prestashop - Add custom field and button to wordpress theme Add Custom Field Column to Admin Area - Add Custom field to prestashop -- 2 Add custom field to woocommerce billing and shipping address - Add Custom Fields to current form wordpress -- 2 add custom fields to custom post in wordpress multisite - Add Custom Fields To Quote Request For Customer To Fill Out Add custom fields to the default Joomla registration forms - add custom functionality to a bespoke virtuemart product import module Add custom functionality to a NopCommerce Project - Add custom icons to my google maps. Add custom image field for module - add custom menu item Add custom menu to Magento site - Add custom page to website. Add custom page to Word Press - Add custom price-encoded barcodes to Unicenta (open-source) Add Custom Print Button to Netsuite Sales Order - Add custom section, update zoom plug-in Add custom slider and fix some coding errors - Add Custom Text to Product Image Add Custom Text to Product Image - Add customer collection to MongoDB Add Customer Export Module to OSCommerce - Add Customer's remaining balance for Drupal/Ubercart Add Customers Date of Birth to all Order Confirmation eMails - Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r - repost - Add Dashboard System (UI) to Existing Wordpress Website Add dashboard to existing Android project - Add data from a MySQL table to an existing array Add data from a spreadsheet into a wordpress plugin - Add data into a csv -- 3 Add data into a web directory site - add data layer and consume a WCF Service. add data magento e-commerce - Add Data To Database Add Data to Database File - Add data to polish auctions online add data to shopping cart - Add Data's to website Add Data/Layout to Wordpress (Easy) - Add database products to zencart store with easy populate Add database reports from current database add some features - Add date calculation into MS Word document Add date checking to simple text indexer (Delphi/ADO) . . NOW - Add dates to CMS calendar Add dates to logo you already created for us - Add Default Magento Captcha to Product Q&A | Product Reviews ADD DEFAULT PLAYER - Add Delivery Charges to OSC Store Add Delivery Date and Time for WooCommerce (Wordpress) - add description on page orders and returns Add description to Gent WP template on portfolio page - Add design and colour to education workbook Add design aspect to magento / Website - Add design to a magento installation Add Design To Active Admin - Rails - Add design via css to a gravity form in wordpress - Add Design, Email Template, & Partial Web Design - Add details in an existing Illustrator map using the same style. Add details into spreadsheet from google - Add different API's and game mechanics to website (ONLY BACK-END) Add different backgrounds to images - Graphics Work - URGENT - NEED in 24 hours - Add Digital Products to my Online Store Add Digital Products to my Online Store -- 2 - Add disable registry feature Add Disc Images to my website - Add discount labels on Category page Add discount plugin to Wordpress woo commerce site and some minor fixes like paypal payment. - Add distance search functionality to auction website Add distributor login to my website - Add document option to Real Media Library front end Add document option to Real Media Library front end -- 2 - Add Donation widget in Wordpress add donations tracking on my blog - Add download function to webView - Android Add download image functionality to existing PhotoSwipe Javascript code - Add drawing and other features to BlackVue Sport apps for Android and for iPhone (not develop standalone apps) Add drawing functions to Order system - Add drop down menu and pop login/signup to my html desgin Add drop down menu and Transfer Content from existing website to template. - Add drop down menu to wordpress theme add drop down menu to x-cart html smarty PHP - Add Dropbox & FTP to Existing Code Editor Add Dropbox & Google Drive to File Manager - Add dropdown responsive bootstrap Add Dropdown To HTML Site NOW - Add dummy/artificial buyers account,info in opencart website Add DUoSecurity to Mac OSx Server. - Add Dynamic Flash Combobox to Music Upload form (PHP/MySQL)- Add dynamic flash logo to web site/plus other misc. minor maintenance - Add dynamic sidebar to custom Wordpress page template Add dynamic sort to items list - Add e-commerce shopping site to company website(repost) Add e-commerce to existing static html based website - add EAN codes to site
Add EAN field to inventory in OpenERP - Add Ebook and Template Libraries to Joomla Website (PhocaDownload or similar Plug-in) Add Ebook Store to Existing Website - Add ecommerce functionality to a wordpress site. Add ecommerce functionality to a wordpress site.. - Add Ecommerce To Existing Website Add Ecommerce to Existing Website - add edit delete function and thread function Add Edit Delete View Pagination for 10 tables - Add effects to a some video clips. Add Effects to an Icon - Add element on 3d character Add element to 3 HTML pages - Add Elements to PHP WhoIs Search Add email address to hotmail accounts application - Add Email Confirmation to Shopping Cart Add Email Confirmation to Shopping Cart. - Add email list to website add email login for wp sites - Add Email Reminder Existing Calendar Add Email Script to Header Image And Fix Some Items - Add Email to Sales Order Magento API Add email type handler to CF application - add emails to gmail account Add Emails to My Autoresponder - add emoji to an instant chat (nodejs) Add Emojis with Android Soft Keyboard - Add END TO END ENCRYPTION on a current android chatting application. Add endless scroll and search to the existing page - Add Enhancements to my iPhone App Add Enlarge Feature in Flash Gallery - Add epom banners to my sports site Add EPUB Support to previous project - Add Event on Google Calendar in PHP add event page with search options - Add events from websites Add Events in Website - Add Excel data to existing .pdf file Add Excel export and cron for parse email - Add existing HTML5 player to the bottom, create now playing shoutcast widget and create child theme add existing interface to open source project - Add existing video player to wordpress site Add existing video player to wordpress site(repost) - add explosion on a video Add Explosion/Smoke Trail Effects to Existing Video - add extension on zent cart Add extension to current website - Add Extra $5 To Magento Shipping on All Orders add extra attributes to magento url key - add extra features in existing java software. Add extra features to a QR Code reader - Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile - repost - ADD extra form field & fix the zip code + insert form value into a link ADD extra form field + fix the zip code + insert form value into a link - add extra functionality to my existing app Add extra functionality to my flash quiz - Add extra menu to OpenEmr with User levels - repost 2 Add extra module in php probid - Add extra sky at top of an existing image add extra super administrator in database - Add Facebook & Twitter Login to CakePHP Site Add Facebook & Twitter login to mysql 5 star review script - Add Facebook and Twitter Links to WebSite + Remove Linkedin Share Add Facebook and Twitter Login on my site - add facebook button and payment icon on my website Add Facebook Button and Twitter Followme to Launch Page - Add FACEBOOK CONNECT to my site Add Facebook connect to website (Ruby) - Add facebook fans+send msg Add Facebook feature to cocos2dx game - Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted! Add Facebook friends. Bid per 1000 friends accepted!! - Add Facebook Interface to Add facebook intersitial and banner to a simple iOS App - Add facebook like button to app within few hours Add Facebook Like Button to Nextgen Gallery in Wordpress - Add Facebook Likes & Twitter Follows for Social Media Pages Add Facebook likes - open to bidding - Add Facebook Login API and javascript to website Add facebook login button - Add Facebook login to website add facebook login to website - Add Facebook Pixel Code for tracking of Facebook Ads - For Website Conversions Add Facebook Pixel Code for tracking of Facebook Ads - Website Conversions - Add Facebook SDK to an existing iPad App Add Facebook SDK to iOS/Android App - add facebook type chat popup box in my php chat site add facebook type chatbox in my site - Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 page Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site - add family tree design to my bootstrap template Add Fan Club/membership section to a WooCommerce Store - Add Fans to Facebook Page Add fans to facebook page - add fatures to url redirection checker and proxy solutions Add Favicon - Add FB link as agreed to order checkout page Add FB link, fix meta tag descritpion, add ROBOT files for SEO - Add FCKeditor to a PHP application Add feathering effect to collage of images - Add Feature for Codename One App Add Feature for Community - add feature in website add feature make sub admin in admin panel with limited powers - Add feature This is for stephhw01 Add Feature to a Complex WordPress Plugin - Add feature to an existing plugin add feature to an existing web site - Add feature to current map tool project using C++ and Qt framework Add feature to custom jomla component - Add feature to existing magento extension Add feature to existing site - Add Feature to Javascript Timeline Script Add feature to Jmap - add feature to my php script add feature to my PHP/Mysql blog - very easy job - Add feature to PHP script Add feature to php script to deliver serials - Add Feature To Squarespace add feature to startftp and make it working - Add feature to wordpress plugin add feature to wordpress site - quick hiring - Add featured Images on my Site Add featured images to wordpress post - Add features Add features - Add features / fix bug to an existing iOS app Add features / fix bugs (Bootstrap & PHP ) - Add features and fix bugs in existing website Add Features and Fix Bugs in PHP Chat Application - Add Features and Updates to iPhone application -- 2 Add features existing website - Add Features in Chrome Extension For Gmail Add Features in Couponpress with external plugins and create a child theme for new design, look , layout [Wordpress] - Add features iOS photo/video mobile app add features joomla component - Add features to a .NET existing system. Add features to a 3D web customizer using Sketchfab API - Add features to a full documented iOS Swift App Add features to a Javascript/jQuery a calendar widget - Add Features to a PHP Ladder Script Add features to a php program - Add features to a semi-completed social media website project. Add features to a semi-completed social media website project. - 4 TO 5 HOURS WORK ONLY! - Add Features to a Website - open to bidding