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Add functionality to working j2me AZZA - add functions Add Functions to my Android App - Add functions in Wordpress plugin Add Functions In Wordpress Template - Add functions to amember Add functions to an android app. Using Android Studio - Add functions to existing Google Map API / MYSQL app. Add Functions to Existing Google Map Route Finder. - Add Functions to my Website Add functions to my website - add functions to purchase-script Add Functions To Script - Add functions to Wordpress website Add Functions to WordPress Website + New Design - Add funny pictures, easy job Add funtion to PHP/MySQL site - Add G2A payment gateway to WordPress add g729 support for a java code - Add gallery in 2 sites add gallery of images to joomla website - Add gallery/store to a WordPress book site Add gallery/store to a WordPress book site - repost - Add Gateway (SweaWebPay) to Wordpress Event Manager Plugin add gateway for skadate script - Add genuine back links to my Website add geo information to cvs - add geolocation on Gravity Form - 30$ Add Geolocation Services - Add get response webform code to squeeze page Add GET-Parameter In My Form for thank you page - Add Gift Certificate Link to BigCommerce Store Add Gift Certificate to WooCommerce site & Menu Change - Add glitch effect to photo editor app a-la Instagram Add global background image to wordpress theme - Add Good quality Twitter and Instagram followers Add Googl AdSense to site and cosmetic changes - Add Google Adsense Ads on my website add google adsense ads to 4images gallery script - add google adsense to our site Add Google Adsense to the website - Add Google Analytics & AdWords Conversion Code Add Google Analytics - Add Favicon - Add Google analytics code to my existing site Add Google Analytics Code to website - Add Google Analytics to 2 Websites Add Google Analytics to 3 web pages - Add Google Analytics to my iOS App quick Add Google Analytics to my site - ADD GOOGLE API ON STORE LOCATOR Add google api to my app - Add Google Checkout Button to RSS Feed Add Google Checkout Cart To Site - Add google dynamic remarketing to magento add google e store - add google map Add google map and search functions to Woo-commerce with Dokan Multi-vendor website like and some modifications including webpages layout. - Add Google Maps functionality to app (iTunes & Android) & website - repost Add Google maps into drupal website - Add Google Payment to Zen Cart add google places / yelp reviews / open table to wordpress - Add google remarketing adwords code to newsletter script/page Add google reviews and create google seller rating - Add Google stats and tags, reach 1000 unique clicks per month add google style text ads to existing custom banner script (php/mysql) - Add Google VR View for the Web on my bootstrap website Add Google Wallet to a Php Pro Bid Website - Add GPIO Expansion PAd -- 4 Add GPIO Expansion PAd 2 - Add graph plotting capability to existing program add graph to BT serial port android application - Add graphical Thank You e-mail to already existing registration script Add Graphical Touch to Document - Add grapic to a poster Add Gravity Forms to Wordpress theme - Add Gridstack.js to a Formbuilder Add Gridster.js dynamic grid - Add GSPay Credit Card payment to xFilesharing Add guestbook to website - add hand-written data to an excel sheet Add Handbags to Oscommerce Shop - Add header image Add header image to html template - add headless browser automation to my bot - open to bidding add headless browser automation to my bot -- 2 - Add Hidden Field to Gravity Form for Payment Gateway Add hidden fields in a WooCommerce Form - Add History function to chat Add history support to pajinate jquery plugin - add horizontal menu to website Add horizontal scrolling to javascript/css menu - Add Hotspot Map to a jpeg html Add hotspots to navigate around to google VR iOS SDK - Add HTMl ( Paypal Button ) To Website, and Look Into PERl Integration Add HTML / Link to view - google map - JOOMLA - Add Html form to wordpress page Add Html Formatting To Viral Php Script - Add HTML signatur to K9 mail Add html snippets to SalesPages - Add HTML to Shopify Website Add HTML to Shopify Website -- 2 - Add httpmodule to site - Add https header with SQUID server - Add hyperlinks to 3 buttons Add hyperlinks to existing document - Add iAd to my existing iPhone App and upload to App Store. Add iAds & Google AdSense to My Finished Application - Add iCloud Support to Existing Project Add ICMP to Linux Port of Client / Server Code - add icon to Buddypress menu add icon to favourite list - Add icons to a website Add icons to a website - Repost - Add IE 10 compatibility to a Contento website add ie css - Add image & video Embed code in our site add image ability in joomla module - Add image edit - cropping to web page Add Image Edit Option To Wordpress - Add image map to wow slider images add image on image product same size - Add image to menu Add image to my WP website. - add image to wordpress home page Add Image To Wordpress Page - Add Images and 2 Purchase order forms to the site & add SSL to the Site add images and add new features to wordpress website - Add images files to CDN and clear some other issues Add images from one website to another - Add images on the order page and print page. Add images slider and save as a copy button for aticle using seeblod in Joomla -- 2 - Add Images to Blogs-2 Add Images to Blogs-3 - Add images to news items Add Images to Nextgen Gallery - add images to websit add images to websit - Add ImagesLoaded to Masonry Script by desandro Add imap email to godaddy dedicated server. - Add in 5 .net pages to company website Add in a clean pop-up form that requires the user to enter in their email address in order to download. - Add In App Purchase to remove advertising for Existing iOS Game Add in app purchase, fix some bugs - Add in for MS Access dialer Add in for MS Word 365 - Add in php to html forms add in products to magenta website - Add In-App in my Android Phonegap app
Add In-App Notification for my app - Add in-app purchase to my iPad app Add In-App Purchase to working iOS app - Add in-place editing to a php project Add inactivity disable to Google Chrome and FireFox Extension. - Add indian payment gateway with membership plugin Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL - Add Infinite Scroll Functionality To Website Add Infinite Scroll to Ajax Loaded (Wordpress) Category Query - Add info button funciton to existing app add info for excel - Add information about sites to directory add information and updates to an existing wordpress website once or twice a month - Add Information to business card Add Information to Flyer - Add ins and minor changes to existing website - repost Add Inserts to Samples Template - Add Instagram logo and link / Make contact details dynamic to existing website ADD INSTAGRAM LOGO AND LINK TO WEBSITE - Add Interactive DIV layers on a Dynamic Flash website Add Interactive DIV layers to a Dynamic Flash website - Add interior and exterior to existing images Add interiors to a 3D house model - add interRapidSSL Intermediate CAs Add Intersitial ad to app - Add Intro/Outro To Audio File Add Inventory at Size Mod in OSCommerce - Add Invoice and Check-in/out to MS Access Equipment Rental Access Template Add invoice and quotation options to registered account profiles - Add iOS7 MFi game controller support to simple game Add iOS8 support to our iPhone app - Add IP's purchased from OVH into our WHM and Cpanel - Read Description before bidding Add IP's to Server / Other small server management - Add iPhone-like scrolling to flash applet. Add IPN script to send out an email with a PDF as an attachment, or an email that has a link to a secure page where the item can be downloaded - Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery - repost - Add items in template Wordpress Add items into our webshop Template is available - Add Items to Etsy Add Items to Existing Shopping Cart - Add items to Shopping Cart Add items to shopping cart - Add Jackpot Game to CSGO Betting Website Add japan language to a flash site. - Add Java Script to Navigation. Add Java scrollable bars to Canvas - Add Javascript Facebook Gallery to Webpage Add javascript features and improve structure of web page (html, css, design) - first of several projects - Add Javascript to an LP that shows- Trial Ends Date - I have the JS add javascript to auto submit form - add javascript validation to 2 forms. Add javascript Validation to Web page - Add job template feature to site Add Jobs Board To Existing CMS - Add Joomla Image Overlay Module Add Joomla Modules - Add jpg signature to a pdf(repost) Add jPlayer to my website and an upload field to a form - Add jQuery Effects To Landing Page Add jquery elements/add interaction to html/css website - Add jQuery popup on Shopify theme Add jQuery popup on Shopify theme - Add JQuery to keep track of multi-selected checkboxes in css popup panel Add JQuery to keep track of multi-selected checkboxes in css popup panel -- 2 - add js arrows to ready image slider -- 2 Add JS Copy PAste Function to multiple Elements Firefox - Add Jw player to my website Add jwplayer flash player to my website - Add Keyword, Data Source, Priority tools to tt-rss add keywords and description to about 35 pages - Add KineticsJS to a Magento PHP page Add Kissmetrics tracking code to website - add landing page (already created) coded to my website Add landing page ahead of wordpress install and duplicate existing install into subdirectory - Add language pages Add Language Plugin to Wordpress Website - Add languages to joomla site Add Languages To News Website - add latest property list on the home page content Add latin characters/glyphs to an existing font - add layer/overlay marker on google maps Add layers to PSD template in Adobe Photoshop. - Add Leaderboard API to Flash Game Add leaderboard functionality to wordpress site - Add Lettering to the Previous Badges you made for me. Add letters to logo - add light box pop up like this one Add light box to 2 web pages - Add Lightbox to .asp pages Add LightBox to CreLoaded 6.2 B2B - Add like at my Facebook page Add Like Box to Facebook Fanpage - Add liking functionality to a WordPress gallery that connects to BuddyPress and an iOS app. Add Limit to Crawler - add link button as attached snapshot. Add link capability to Flash image gallery - Add link to Flash Banners add link to html website - Add link to wordpress form Add link to wordpress table / Formidable Pro - Add linkes on my website Add linkes on my website - ongoing work - Add links to 100 nasty recipes to my site Add links to a section of my site and fix bug - Add links to message boards and blogs Add links to my directory - Add Links to sites (small job) Add Links to Spanish PDF - Add list of posts with given label to a blogger hosted site Add list of posts with given label to a blogger hosted site(repost) - Add listings eCommerce website add listings for 120 night clubs into web directory - Add listings to my website -- 3 Add listings to my website -- 4 - Add Live chat to wordpress site today Add live data to charts - Add live support like live zilla chat to Simple Machines Forum Add live tiles to WorkOnIT - Add loading animation in the tab (our previous project) Add Loading Animation to customized WP Dashboard - Add location detection on mobile to WPGroupBuy wordpress site - Add location map similar to Airbnb Add location feature to website in angular js - Add Log scales to perl chart code Add Log-In page and form page to Dreamweaver site - Add logic to contact form depending on user selection Add Logic to Flash Banners - Add Login Feature to MVC Application -- 2 Add Login Feature to Ringtone APP and fix features - add login system to our website Add Login to a Program - Add login with facebook and Google functionality to website in Node js Add login with Facebook and Twitter - Add Logo and Banner in My Magento Website Add Logo and content to a purchased template - Add logo in Video Player Add Logo In Video Template Intro - Add Logo To Existing Website Design Add logo to flash project - add logo to main menu Add Logo to mobile responsive version of site - Add logo to top header of website add logo to Video Player control bar - Add Logo, Change Color Scheme, and Teach Me How You Did It in Wordpress Add Logo, Help Make this Graphic Perfect! - Add logos to PDF Files