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Add the uploaded files name in database. - add theme uploader to installation wizard of CMS Add themed pages to Shopify - Add Third Column to Web Page Add third field to web2ftp program - Add this script into my site. Add this Sharing fix - Add threading to desktop app (c#) Add threads to 3d model - Add thumbnail functionality to store item detail page Add thumbnail functionality to store items - Add ticket entry function need for Helpdesk Add ticket selling functionality to my website - Add time-lapse clouds to a still Add timeout module sending user to logout page if unactive after 5 minutes - Add timings to a transcription - ongoing work Add timley button to wordpress site - Add title to 15 sec video add. Add Title to a Logo - Add to a label arabic text Add to a list of builders in NSW Australia with websites - Add to Address Book Hyperlink Add to all magento product pages one text line. - Add to background, dogs and cats ADD TO BAG / CART BOT - disneystore - Add to card PHP script modification Add to carg early. Shopify - Add To Cart Bot Add to Cart BOT - Add to cart Bot/Program Add to cart button - Add to Cart Buttons Missing from Magento Product Pages Add to Cart Buttons Not showing up on WP Cart66 Site. Simple but need fixed ASAP - add to cart getting a 404 magento Add to cart in API: Magento Experts only - Add to cart robot Add to Cart Script - Add to CGI Script and program new add to click banner aff script - add to existing call flow script parallel tasks Add to existing Classic ASP page - Add to existing wordpress site Add to exsisting Bespoken HTML as shown - Add to header menu Open cart Add to html template - add to made website. Add to magento product - Small Project - add to my map geotagging Add to my page code generator - add to mysql and connect to php front end. Add to new panel - Add to playlist plugin for wordpress Add to plugin and stlying - Add to site catalog Add to site list - Add to Website add to website (opt in code logic) - Add toggle switch to Silverlight app add Tolerancing in Solidworks files - Add toplist code and ad codes on youtube template Add Topsite Code to my websites ! - Add TPS data to exsisting system Add Tracker to openGTS - Add tracking to Bulk Email System Add Tracking to my website - Add transition effects to existing banner slider Add transition to a product list with images. - Add translation to Django site - repost Add translation tool and change language theme with Poedit - Add trim and bleed to existing artwork (6 page Plasma brochure) Add Trip Advisor logo to website - Add tutorial feature on first launch of app Add Tutorials From Other Sites To Wordpress Blog / Spin Text - Add twitter and facebook to laveral existing site and link with the current user profile and our current system Add twitter and facebook to laveral existing site and link with the current user profile and our current system -- 2 - Add Twitter Followers Add Twitter Followers - Add Twitter Module and Blog to Joomla Site Add twitter posting to existing site - Add two banners to the left and right side of a website Add two banners to the left and right side of a website(repost) - Add two email forms into Flash file Add two existing macros to MS Access file - Add two filter on search page in chameleon script Add two filter on search page in chameleon script 2 - Add two more booklets to Flash site Add Two More Data Info into existing website using PHP - Add two products to existing PHP order form add two rings - Add two tabs to current site Add two text fields and six droplists to contacts screen/s within Outlook 2003 - Add Typed.js Effect to Template Add typography to my vector art - Add UI Layer Add UI scroll for subcategories - Add unified Inbox to Rainloop Webmail client Add Unified Inbox to Rainloop webmail client -- 2 - add unlimited sub template to jsveiws Add unlimited sub template to jsveiws sample - Add update to Connect2 HTML5 game. ADD UPDATES - add upload feature to wordpress Add Upload Field into Contact Form - Add Upload Progress Bar to existing page Add upload to component - Add UPS Shipping API Kit into Woo Commerce Wordpress Add UPS Shipping Calculator to custom perl shopping cart - Add URL script or software add url submit site get link - Add USA on oscommerce registration add usable links and mapping ability to my page - Add user Control to Dynamic HTML Add user credits via Paypal in Auctionpress plugin in virtuemart - Add user login to purchase.php Add user login to the website and grant the access to videos for selected users - Add User Registration Module In a Drupal Site Add User Registration Module In a Drupal Site - ongoing work - Add usernames from an Instagram account to excel sheet Add usernames to script - add UTF-8/unicode support to htmldoc (818430) add utube captions - Add validation to php forms Add validation to search box - Add Variables to PowerShell Script Add Variants to a shopify store - Add vbscript functionality into Excel Add VBulletin Forum onto my joomla 2.5 site - Add verification field for mailchimp subscription Add verification JavaScript - Add Video (PnP) to my YouTube Outro Add video ability to php website - Add Video Capability to IPhone Photo Application Add video capability to wordpress template - Add video conferencing to website (Flex/Flash) Add Video conferencing using OpenFire - Add video footage to 2 hours of audio add video for flash template - Add video on a joomla Add video on home page - Add Video Provider To Jomsocial Add Video Provider to JomSocial - Add Video Tab To Drupal Product Listings Add video tab to Magento product page. (Image Included) - add video to html Add video to iTune - Add video to OpenCart homepage Slider Add video to our homepage - Add video to the top of my website
Add video to top of homepage - Add Video w/voice over Add video, image, text or audio to documents - Add VideoPlayer fix to iPhone app Add VideoPlayer fix to iPhone app(repost) - add videos to technology site Add Videos to Van Safety Site - Add Vimeo support to existing webpage -- 2 Add vintage look to two maps - Add virtuemart conditional discounts add virtuemart quantity to attributes - Add VLC Player & controls to an existing project. Add VLC support to Streamplicity - Add voice over to motion presentation. HD video add voice over to ppts - Add Volume/Mute, Pause and Start/Stop Options to Existing Slideshow Add volumetric light bean - Add vserv interstial ads in my app Add wacom universal ink to c# pdf application - Add Watchers to an Ebay Listing Add watchers to Ebay Auction - Add watermark to 500 photos Add Watermark to 900 Image - Add WAV into AVI Add Wav track to mp4 video for me- 1 minute clip - Add web forms Add web forms and other changes on a Wordpress Website - Add web to search and search within specific time frame Add Web View to Google App - Add WEBPAY module in JOOMLA site Add webRTC cam fonction to chat room - Add website cookies Add Website design to Php website - Add Website Screenshots to PSD Mockup Add Website Search Capability - Add websites to Excel spreadsheet list of companies Add websites to existing software and upgrade cron jon functions - Add whatsapp, hangouts and viber to the app add wheels to a lego cube - Add WHMCS Price Slider on new Cart.php with design Add WHMCS Theme header to my blog - Add widget sidebar to products pages Add widget support to mobile application. ( Widget Design And Function ) - Add widgets to site (Javascript) Add WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) to Dotnetnuke - Add Window Focus Control to Flash Video/Image Rotator Featur Add Window Media Player to my Flash Site - Add WMV link to Flash site add wmv video clip to website - Add WooCommerce Membership Automatically to New User Signups via Gravity Forms add woocommerce module to wordpress site - Add WooCommerce to existing WordPress website Add Woocommerce to existing WP Site (incl Theme) - Add WordPress action hook/custom fields Add wordpress and a wordpress template - Add Wordpress blog to my website - real expert needed Add wordpress blog to our site - Add wordpress functionality Add wordpress functionality - Add Wordpress Post Excerpts to External HTML Page Add Wordpress Post images - Add WordPress to site, add custom left menu sections in admin area add Wordpress to subdomain and document - Add words to the bottom of a video as the actor says them. add words to video - Add Wow slider to my volusion website Add Wow slider to my volusion website - Repost - Add WP Blog to Current Site (HTML files available) Add WP blog to site (TOG) - Add writing to an existing eBook on music education Add writing to an existing eBook on wine tasting - Add WYSIWYG in Products Opencart Add wysiwyg JS library to a text editing box (OneFileCMS + Simplemde) - Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings (1673613) Add Xml data of various sites into control panel settings (repost) - Add XML Sitemap code to website Add XML Sorting to existing javascript xml parser. - Add yellow freight lookup to virtumart cart Add yellow freight lookup to virtumart cart(repost) - Add your Professional profile picture to my team portfolio Add your twitter following to thunderclap campaign - Add youtube video download option to windows phone app Add YouTube video download option with IAP's for Windows Phone App - Add Zapier to my app's backend API (cakePHP) add Zen cart & integrate into my website - Add Zipcode to returns overview Add Zombie effect to face in video - Add Zooming to Joomla plugin lightbox Add Zooming to Joomla plugin lightbox(repost) - Add, edit, delete feature Add, fix and make changes to Woocommerce theme - Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint for Tracking Changes Funcionality add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint to Track Changes - Add-ins for MS Outlook Add-ins for Outlook - Add-on Erweitern Add-on Extension Development -- 2 - Add-on for Apple Aperture Add-on for existing script - Add-on for Prestashop Add-on for Script - add-on pages in existing website Add-on payment module needed for osCommerce using Payment21 gateway - Add-on to CubeCart payment Gateway - ALSOFT10 only Add-On to existing Classified Ads Script! - Add-on to xcart-pro add-on toolbar for Microsoft Word - Add-Ons For OSCommerce Add-Ons for OScommerce - Add-to-cart wholesale website improvement (OSCommerce Customization) Add. Homepage Changes (repost) - Add/change to existing flash site Add/code 5 HTML pages using bootstrap to match existing template - add/edit video website php/mysql/html Add/edit 3 features to a wordpress theme 1 - Add/Edit PHP Pages in Existing Application add/edit product in Ebay using .NET - Add/fix logging to file. Add/Fix menu to Joomla site from an Artisteer template - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel -- 2 Add/Job Poster needed - add/optimize some scripts in erotic contact site Add/Populate Select Boxes to Bootstrap-Based Web Page - Add/Setup Checkout By Amazon Shopping Cart to Website Add/Setup Inline Checkout By Amazon Shopping Cart to Website - Add2it - Ongoing work Add: Multi Language support to a Native Swift iOS App: - addbook addclickjobs - added applepay Added Bonus - Added features to OSCommerce Added Features(repost) - Added Graphics ADDED INFO NJ - Added to the website already made added to website coding - Adderall use amoungst college students Adderbee Productions Radio Station Concept - Addicting Game for iPhone Addicting mobile game (app) compatible to all mobile OS (iOS, android, windows…) - Addiction Recovery Site Addiction Recovery Website - ADDICTIVE iPHONE GAMES NEEDS PROGRAMMER/DESIGNER