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Add/Delete Google Calendar Event via Excel Macro - Add/Edit Browser History Add/Edit Coding for Website Template - Add/Edit Text in an .EPS File Add/edit website content - Add/Integrate GTPay Payment gateway to PHP Holiday script Add/Integrate video player to website - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify on OScommerce based site Add/Modify script with "Forgot Password Function" and Encryption issue - Add/Remove Programs add/remove to wishlist on article with Dtregister - Add/Upgrade features to existing blogger website (BLOGGER, NOT WORDPRESS) ADD/Upload/Edit/List - Articles from 1 mysql table - ADDAPTING FACETWP PLUGIN addasdsddds - Added a small bit of code to all my webpages on my website. added agent image to home listing - Added features to existing website Added features to Online Jewelry store - added functions to jobsite Added Game Center to iOS game - added software to group facebook /added to page facebook added the url link and keyword and posted on sites I already have - Addenserà expert Addenserà expert - open to bidding - Addicted to vine? Then this gigs for you Addicted2Debt - Addiction recovery phonegap app Addiction Recovery Program - Addictive maze game for iPad Addictive Mobile Game - Addin for System Center Configuration Manager addin form send to 2 forms - Adding Push notifications to an MT4 Indicator Adding SQL application (?) to a working website - Adding & Multipling Matrices Adding & updating HTML pages based on a template - Adding / Populating Products into Volusion Adding / Resizing of photos to a wordpress website - Adding 10k real,genuine & active INDIAN fans to facebook page. Adding 11 Art related sites on DMOZ - Adding 2 features to our IOS application Adding 2 fields (Delivery date & time) to order - Adding 2000 products from verious source to magneto Adding 2000 recipes to cooking website (in spanish) - Adding 3000 Products To Interspire Shopping Cart adding 301 to site and replace old site with new wp - Adding 50,000 users to a facebook app Adding 500 items to the Rauken eCommerce Marketplace - adding 600 pictures to a wikimedia website adding 66 products to prestashop. - Adding a application page to a wordpress template Adding a Autoplay Timer to a JQuery Content Slider - Adding a blog to a live website Adding a Blog to an HTML5 based website - Adding a CAPTCHA Code Adding a captcha security to a google form - Adding a contact form from one website to another and make it work. Adding a context help to a guestbook script - Adding a database from excel into our own company database Adding a database from excel into our own company database - adding a exit popup to my site Adding a Facebook Share Button to Website - Adding a few letters Adding a few lines of CSS to an exsiting style sheet - Adding a Form to the website Adding a form to validate before viewing the list. Using Fabrik - Adding a Google Calendar to a Custom Form Adding a Google mapping facility to an existing photography web site. - Adding a left side position in Joomla template adding a line to a rich text box under program control - Adding a Mandarin (male) voice over to an existing 2 mins video. (currently voice over is in English) Adding a member back-end - adding a new feature to the smf forum Adding a new feature to website - Adding a newsletter sign up link on our WS landing page Adding a node to an XML file - adding a paypal donation button Adding a Paypal shopping card to an existing website - Adding a print file option to a Microsoft access database program Adding a products page to the existing site - Adding a scrolling banner to homepage Adding A Scrolling Picture Script To My PHP Site - adding a simple feature in android app Adding a simple forum - Adding a small Java-Feature to existing website Adding a social share buttons integrated with my theme - Adding a trust value to Doku Wiki Adding a Trusted Root Certificate Authority - Adding a widget to the header of a Wordpress theme Adding a WIN 2K help style glossary and definitions in bubble to a PHP-based wiki - Adding additional code to a built iOS app. [modify current API/JSON] Adding additional code to current project - Adding additional galleries to existing website Adding additional Gallery to our homepage with Zoom feature on a Wordpress theme - Adding api option for my members Adding adfalcon ad to unity game and export it to App store and Playstore - Adding Adsense On Site Adding Adsense Sharing to Article Dashboard - Adding Age Verification to BigCommerce website Adding airdrop a map location to existing app - Adding an 2 specific APIs to an existing iPhone App. Adding an ad banner slot on a landing page - Adding an Enquiries facility to a Flash website(repost) Adding an Enquiries facility to a Flash website(repost)(repost) - Adding an observer mode for my multiplayer Connect Four flash game, as well as game invitations adding an online store to my existing website - Adding and debugging site Adding and editing a pre-made template to a wordpress website. - Adding API to get Filesize Adding API to movie ticket site - Adding Arabic text to a design Adding Archives Page to Photo & Website - Adding audio bar to Wordpress Adding Audio clip to a JSP page - adding auto bid function adding auto bid functions - Adding banner ad containers to wordpress 4. and invisionboard 3.4 Adding banner to ebay listings - IMMEDIATE START, QUICK TURNAROUND - Adding binary integers adding biometric with existing payroll - Adding blogs to a script Adding Blood Effects in a video - adding button to page! Adding buttons for uploading image - Adding captcha to Perl - cgi email form... Adding Captcha to two forms - Adding categories with pictures to my magento install - Megamenu installed Adding Category and Sub Category to a Directory - Adding chat like freelance to my website and creating ios app for my website Adding Chat Room - Adding Clickbank's Recurring Billing Code Into Website Adding Clickbank\'s Recurring Billing Code Into Website - Adding code to my private message system Adding code to petstore demo - Adding comic strip navigation to an existing Tumblr theme - repost 2 Adding Comment Box - Adding complex products for WooCommerce - long term Adding complex products for WooCommerce - long term -- 2 - Adding content (around 15 pages) to a Wordpress Website. Adding content and banner,design a logo to my website - Adding content to Drupal CMS from Word Doc. Adding content to Drupal CMS from Word Doc. - Adding Content to PrestaShop Adding Content To Real Estate Website - adding content website
adding content/design to wordpress site - Adding couple of features to existing android app adding couples profile with his and her's/mobile install - Adding CSS to a link for a website form widget. Adding CSS to limit width of images uploaded via Comment Images plugin - Adding Custom Icons to IE Adding custom Image as Footer (Wordpress) - Adding customfield for StoreFront theme. Adding customized box for latest news from specific category custom CMS - adding database to volusion & template design Adding DataBinding feature to composite properties of my ASP.NET Server Control. - Adding description, edit Name in My joomala site-Data Entry Adding design and completing template - adding discliamer adding discliamer - open to bidding - Adding Domain and Creating Single Wordpress Page using Go Daddy admin Adding Domain in AWS - Adding Drop-Down style Country/Regions/States/Cities to Magento Adding Drop-Down style for Country/Regions/States/Cities selector to Magento plus UI to add/mod/del Country/Regions/Cities - Adding e-commerce / customer e-mail to an existing Drupal Site Adding e-commerce and interactive forms to my current website - Adding effects to a logo i already have Adding effects to video recording app - Adding embossing to HTML text via CSS Adding EMI Options to Existing Payment Gateway of ecommerce website - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 6566 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 7 - Adding Event on a .NET User Control Adding events and what's on to EventList - Adding extra characters to a web font Adding extra donation payment option - adding extra row to IOS keyboard adding extra row to IOS keyboard - Adding Facebook fans Adding Facebook Friends - Adding Facebook Login in Wordpress Adding Facebook Login to a simple php site - Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section Adding FB like button on homepage specific posts' preview section - repost - Adding feature to the GPS, FONA, Arduino project Adding Feature to wordpress theme - Adding features in the UI of a text editor in PyQt5 adding features in website - Adding features to a Site adding features to a site - Adding features to an existing website and database Adding features to an existing website using Node JS / Mongo DB / Express / Angular / Less / Front End - Adding features to existing freelance & client project management tool Adding features to existing jomsocial site - Adding Features To My App (Need an iOS dev with musical background) Adding features to my current app - adding features to PM-Tool "Redmine" (Ruby on Rails) adding features to predesigned networks on OMNET++ - Adding feed to sites... Adding Feedback Section to Existing Website - adding fields to a page Adding Fields to a Personals Profile - Adding finishing touches to Adobe Muse web site Adding fix call button on the right down side of our mobile site - Adding for week of 5/21 Adding form & editing contact form on Ultimo Magento template - Adding Forms and Queries 1 access database to another. Adding formula at Excel data file to compute - Adding friends to MySpace page Adding Friends to Social Networks - Adding function to existing Teddy Bear Website Adding function to flash files.Very simple - adding functionality to a current site Adding functionality to a Drupal website - Adding Functionality to Game Server Listings Site Adding functionality to iPhone App - adding functions to a booking script adding functions to a shopping site - Adding Game Trailers and Images adding games to a flash arcade website - Adding Google Adsense to my site Adding google adsense to my website - Adding Google Checkout OsCommerce Website Adding Google Checkout OsCommerce Website(repost) - Adding graphics to ebook Adding Graphics to Ebooks - Adding hits to my youtube videos Adding home button to SimpleViewer Flash code - Adding Http live streaming and text messaging to existing java Spring web system. Adding Hyperlink to Image - Adding image question and answers for a trivia game Adding image question and answers for a trivia game (IN ARABIC) - Adding images and text to a wordpress website Adding images and text to a wordpress website -- 2 - Adding improvements to the current source code (C++ OR Java) Adding improvements to the current source code (Java) - Adding information to my second screen in my android listview Adding information to website - Adding interstitial banner from admob adding intro page(skip adv) with cookies to index file - Adding Isotope jQuery filter plugin to Bootstrap HTML5 templates Adding Items & description to an ARABIC E-commerce Website ( - Adding items on Ebay store from a PHP script trought APIs Adding items to a blogspot site. - Adding java megadropdown menu to html template adding Java MP3 code - Adding Jquery Menus and Effects to Wordpress site ADDING JQUERY MOUSE EVENTS TO A PHP SCRIPT - Adding Keywords Titles And Descriptions To Images - Proj 010 Adding Keywords To Google Adwords Campaign - Adding lens zoom to website Adding Lessons to online free-play Flight Training Software - Adding Links to a section on my homepage Adding Links to ASP Pages That Remember Part #s - ADDING LIVE PRODUCT FEED TO MY WEBSITE adding live product feed to website - Adding Login/Registration + 3 Forms to a Website adding logo - adding magento extensions and quick site edit Adding Magento product listings - Adding Mass Videos to adult video script via embeds adding materials and rendering - Adding Merchant in site, Post Deal and Admin work Adding Message Board to Kentico site - Adding mod_rewrite to a few simple php pages Adding model releases to a stock photo site - Adding Moneybookers / Google checkout support to existing site and possibly some logos etc.. Adding Monthly Charge To OSCommerce Site - Adding more fonts and functionality to my font preview on magento website Adding more functionalities to a Voip App, mainly Top up functionality - adding multi vender plugin to wordpress Adding Multi-Language Ability to Joomla Website - Adding Multisite Network to a Wordpress Site adding multiuser support to an existing C# code - Adding names and email addresses to a database - searching the internet adding narration to a movie - adding new feature to Adding new feature to the site - Adding new features to an exisisting php project Adding new features to existing Chrome Extension application - Adding new fileds to open cart Adding new filters for each category in shop - Adding New Joomla Module Position Joomla 2.5v adding new language for website - Adding New Payment Method To XFILESHARING Adding New Payment Methods To XFileSharing - Adding New Wordpress Features to Existing Site Adding news features to existing app - adding of products to ecommerce site adding of products to my ecommerce site need - adding on the background the logo attached Adding One Additional Feature to My University App - Adding one more writer to my team