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Adding 11 Art related sites on DMOZ - Adding 2 features to our IOS application Adding 2 fields (Delivery date & time) to order - Adding 2000 products from verious source to magneto adding 2000 products to ecommerce site need - Adding 3 products to my wordpress site using woocommerce - repost Adding 3 regions and links to Script - Adding 5 pages on the lusis webpage html production Adding 5,000 selected Facebook Likes/fans - Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 2 Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 3 - Adding a .FLV to Flash action script Adding a 3d model into a game we currently use - Adding a blank audio track to a WMV movie file Adding a blog and bio slots - Adding a buy & collect function - repost adding a c# file some lines - Adding a component in an existing site adding a component to social network application - adding a custom field in OsCommerce(repost) Adding a custom menu over a image by creating a side bar - Adding a drop down menu to my site adding a dropdown list select list to a drupal 8 module - adding a feature to my joomla component adding a feature to one website i got - Adding a folder(screen) to a facebook application (P3) Adding a font family on my wordpress website. - Adding a Function to OpenSource POS Adding a functionality in existing website - Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination? - open to bidding Adding a Javascript news function to a existing HTML Templat - Adding a login to my web site Adding a logo to a sticky navigation bar in Shopify Store - adding a my website links to facebook adding a new area - Adding a new store and new domian to magento Adding a new store with new currency to our current store - adding a patch to source Adding a Payment Gateway into Office Auto Pilot Platform - Adding a poll to existing site Adding a poly tank to previous design Custom Project Feb 21 2013 12:16:27 - adding a resolution to a (windows) graphic driver - linux sources available Adding a resource to Webservice in Prestashop - Adding a shipping calculator based on zip code needed adding a shipping option to my website - Adding a Slider to Homepage of Shopify template Adding a slider to my home page - Adding a tagging system in my script Adding a team league table on wordpress page - Adding a user to Sharepoint Team Site using .net 1.1 Adding a username/password recovery option to our form - Adding active and non active window distinction to tracking of viewings of flash applet Adding Activities to Provided Webview Application - Adding additional features to our website Adding Additional Field at Search (osclass) - Adding additional scraping sources to an existing framework/project in Python Adding Additional User section. - adding admob in to project Adding Admob to .apk file - Adding Advertising Boxes and Doing Logo Adding Advertising Boxes To Templates - Adding alert to metatrader 4 indicator Adding alert to metatrader 4 indicator - Repost - Adding an attachment button to our Application Form Adding an automatic Postage fee to shopping cart with additional items fixed charge per item and 1 page ammendment - Adding an extra table on the website Adding an HTML form data to DynamoDB - Adding an Seller Group on MultiMerch for OpenCart Adding an XML feed from another site into my site's MySQL database - adding and removing rows programmatically in gridview. Adding and Reordering Sections - Adding Aple iAD to existing App on iPhone App Store adding apointment calender to woocomerce website word press - Adding artwork/images related to the Bible to a database using a web browser Adding ASP site functionality - Adding Audio to Optin Page Adding audio to video clips - Adding Backend Post features to iPay88 payment gateway in Jomres Adding backgroud at the bottom of the page - Adding Banners to Open Cart Website Adding Bar Code to invoice and packing slip - Adding blocks of fields dinamically in JavaFX in a screen created using FXML Adding Blog & RSS to my website - Adding branding type work Adding brazilian bank billet option - Adding calculators to a form in Alpha Five Adding calendar to an exciting asp site. - adding card form html Adding career link to the exisiting website - Adding CDN to my site Adding certain items on checkout, homepage - Adding Chinese character and design fix in joomla Adding Chinese language site for my current wordpress site - Adding closed membership chat and forum to existing site Adding Cluod Computing Option for Members on Website - Adding Codec in Conversion Tool Adding Codec in Conversion Tool(repost) - adding comments to code for a shopping cart adding comments to the site - Adding configuration of controller area network (CAN) data into our graphical studio kit Adding contact calendar, messaging, and rating to AmemberPro membership program. - Adding Content Related Advert Banners Adding Content To A eCommerce Website Products / Wordpress Management Skills Needed. - Adding content to Joomla site from Word docs Adding Content to Meal Plan - Adding content to site and creating left sidebar menu Adding content to site-small amount of coding - Adding Continuous streaming component to music blog. Adding contrib to osCommerce shop - Adding Creative Commons logo to my homepage adding creativity to a logo - adding custom features to a penny auction script Adding custom field to Magento checkout - Adding custom options to magento products. Adding custom plugins to WordPress - Adding data info to Excel spreadsheet - ongoing work Adding data into database - Adding date to Excel sheet Adding date to Excel sheet - open to bidding - Adding detail to home renovation plan Adding detail to home renovation plan - repost - Adding discount offers and promotions in Excel file (Vietnam) Adding discount offers and promotions in Thailand (Excel file) - adding download button on video site adding download button on video site - ongoing work - Adding Drop-Down style for Country/Regions/States/Cities/ZipCode selector to Magento plus UI to add/mod/del Country/Regions/Cities/ZipCode - Repost - Repost Adding Drop-Down style Regions/Cities to Magento Checkout Shipping/Billing - Adding e-signature to word document Adding easy features to wordpress website - Adding Elements to my C# ASP Website Adding elements to staircase panel designs - Adding enhancements to existing web site Adding error handlings in MVC3 Website forms (3forms) - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 9 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW - Adding events to google calendar Through Filemaker V13 - repost Adding Events to Web Application - Adding extra feature/functionalities to a existing WP plugin adding extra features - adding extra text links Adding extra to the graphics - Adding facebook friends Adding Facebook friends - big project - Adding Facebook Page LIKED Automatically when visited a link adding facebook page to my site - Adding FBConnect with wordpress Blog Adding fearures to SUGARCRM CE edition - Adding feature web design n add feature for Adding Featured Images to Products in WooCommerce - adding features in wordpress template
Adding features into almost finished wordpress portfolio website - adding features to a site(repost) Adding features to a software written in Python - Adding features to an existing windows desktop program adding features to an iphone/android app - Adding features to existing jomsocial site Adding features to existing map system - Adding features to my current app adding features to my current website - adding features to predesigned networks on OMNET++ adding features to predesigned networks on OMNET++ - open to bidding - Adding feed to sites... Adding Feedback Section to Existing Website - adding fields to a page Adding Fields to a Personals Profile - Adding finishing touches to Adobe Muse web site Adding fix call button on the right down side of our mobile site - Adding for week of 5/21 Adding form & editing contact form on Ultimo Magento template - Adding Forms and Queries 1 access database to another. Adding formula at Excel data file to compute - Adding friends to MySpace page Adding Friends to Social Networks - Adding function to existing Teddy Bear Website Adding function to flash files.Very simple - adding functionality to a current site Adding functionality to a Drupal website - Adding Functionality to Game Server Listings Site Adding functionality to iPhone App - adding functions to a booking script adding functions to a shopping site - Adding Game Trailers and Images adding games to a flash arcade website - Adding Google Adsense to my site Adding google adsense to my website - Adding Google Checkout OsCommerce Website Adding Google Checkout OsCommerce Website(repost) - Adding graphics to ebook Adding Graphics to Ebooks - Adding hits to my youtube videos Adding home button to SimpleViewer Flash code - Adding Http live streaming and text messaging to existing java Spring web system. Adding Hyperlink to Image - Adding image question and answers for a trivia game Adding image question and answers for a trivia game (IN ARABIC) - Adding images and text to a wordpress website Adding images and text to a wordpress website -- 2 - Adding improvements to the current source code (C++ OR Java) Adding improvements to the current source code (Java) - Adding information to my second screen in my android listview Adding information to website - Adding interstitial banner from admob adding intro page(skip adv) with cookies to index file - Adding Isotope jQuery filter plugin to Bootstrap HTML5 templates Adding Items & description to an ARABIC E-commerce Website ( - Adding items on Ebay store from a PHP script trought APIs Adding items to a blogspot site. - Adding java megadropdown menu to html template adding Java MP3 code - Adding Jquery Menus and Effects to Wordpress site ADDING JQUERY MOUSE EVENTS TO A PHP SCRIPT - Adding Keywords Titles And Descriptions To Images - Proj 010 Adding Keywords To Google Adwords Campaign - Adding lens zoom to website Adding Lessons to online free-play Flight Training Software - Adding Links to a section on my homepage Adding Links to ASP Pages That Remember Part #s - ADDING LIVE PRODUCT FEED TO MY WEBSITE adding live product feed to website - Adding Login/Registration + 3 Forms to a Website adding logo - adding magento extensions and quick site edit Adding Magento product listings - Adding Mass Videos to adult video script via embeds adding materials and rendering - Adding Merchant in site, Post Deal and Admin work Adding Message Board to Kentico site - Adding mod_rewrite to a few simple php pages Adding model releases to a stock photo site - Adding Moneybookers / Google checkout support to existing site and possibly some logos etc.. Adding Monthly Charge To OSCommerce Site - Adding more fonts and functionality to my font preview on magento website Adding more functionalities to a Voip App, mainly Top up functionality - adding multi vender plugin to wordpress Adding Multi-Language Ability to Joomla Website - Adding Multisite Network to a Wordpress Site adding multiuser support to an existing C# code - Adding names and email addresses to a database - searching the internet adding narration to a movie - adding new feature to Adding new feature to the site - Adding new features to an exisisting php project Adding new features to existing Chrome Extension application - Adding new field to registration form Adding new fileds to open cart - Adding new hashing algorithms for MPOS mining pool Adding New Joomla Module Position Joomla 2.5v - Adding new payment gateway in wp gorup buy script Adding New Payment Method To XFILESHARING - Adding new voice over to motion graphics Adding New Wordpress Features to Existing Site - Adding of Primefaces filteroption adding of products to ecommerce site - Adding on rental listings to realty site. Adding on self-editing elements to existing site - SLC - Adding opstacles in a latitude, longitude coordinate system Adding Optinbox / E-Mail-Form to existing WP Plugin - Adding OSCommerce Contribution adding oscommerce mods to a live site - Adding pages to a flash website Adding pages to existing website - Adding pay per view and monthly subscription facility to joomla site Adding pay processors to my site - Adding Payment Options to a website Adding payment part of a new website that has yet to be built - Adding paypal to existing project Adding paypal to existing site - adding persian information, Adding Pet Products to my Open cart store - Adding PHP scripts to the sample webpage created as attached Adding PHP(form submission) and cleaning up code of existing website - Adding Plimus (Payment Gateway) with Prestashop (E-Commerce) Adding Plimus (Payment gateway) with Prestashop (Ecommece) - Adding pop-up for website Adding Pop-Up Images on YahooStore - Adding Preloader and Watermark to Flash Games Adding Preloader and Watermark to Flash Games(repost) - Adding Product Image to Joomla/Virturemart Site!! Adding Product images to an X-Cart system (ecommerce site) - Adding product, Category Management, Wbsite mock up design Adding Products - adding products 1 adding products 1 - Adding Products for MMO Shop E-Commerce - Remote Job From Home (version 2.3) -- 9 Adding Products for the web site - Adding Products in Magento Store Adding Products in MMO Shop (version 2.3) - adding products into magento doesnt work Adding products into magento our website - Adding products to a site Adding products to a Virtue Mart website - Adding products to ecommerce site Adding Products To Free Ecommerce Cart of Your Choice - Adding Products to Magento Go III Adding Products to Magento Site - Adding Products To Online Store Adding Products to Online Store - Adding products to shop