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A prestigious site - A Price Comparison Site using Affiliate links from CJ etc.... A Price Comparison Site using Affiliate links from CJ etc.... - open to bidding - A print page Deveoping for Website A print page Deveoping for Website - ongoing work - a private job a private job for Alex creating sitemap - A private project for COMMITTED A Private project for Committed French- German-Arabic Translation - a private project for robertwork92 A private project for RobinRU - A Private VPN A private website with a login feature for clients and a splash page for the public - A problem - the search on Magento does not find sku's A problem about connection to database - A procura de um emprego online A Producer - A product description for Android/iOS scientific calculator a product description page - a product photographer a product photographer - A professional re-creation of a T-shirt design, and logo. A professional / freelancer videographer - a Professional Blogger,Press Release writer required A professional business facebook page and Linked In page - A professional drawer to alter a portrait or a professional photoshop - ongoing work A professional English > Chinese freelance translator, very interested in your project - A professional investment presentation A professional investment presentation - open to bidding - A professional logo for my company A professional logo for my company II - A Professional needed A Professional needed to do Medline search and extraction of data - repost - A professional private school website ¦ on WordPress ¦ Will get hosting my self after the website is complete ¦ PRICE £20-30 a professional programmer has expierence with API FACEBOOK - A professional translation from English to German A professional translation from English to Hungarian - a professional website -- 2 a professional website and hosting - A Professional Wordpress site. A Professional Wordpress site. - repost - A Professor's Website A professtional cartographer In GIS, Mapinfo For Innovative Maps - A profile icon A profile lifestyle photo for a magazine cover - a program A program (python prefered) to check for contact information from an list of images - A program for comparing various clssification algorithms with and without encryption - repost A program for comparing various clssification algorithms with and without encryption - repost 2 - a program involving a gui interface a program is needed - A program that can auto-make public Youtube unlisted videos in specific time A program that can automate and help in writing books - A Program that counts the number of files transfered through USB and the time of tranfer A program that creates two threads using synchronized methods, wait() and notify(). - A program that runs on Windows 7 to convert data file(s) A program that searches all files within a given directory for a set of keywords - A program that will express numbers in english - open to bidding a program that will graph the difference in volitility on a stock chart - a program to access ebay pages - open to bidding A program to aid and speed up quoting - A program to design countertops A program to do some automatic tasks, like a bot - A program to make a Google site map and a program to get public domain article and lins ans RSS Feeds a program to manage calendar - A program to scan inventory for JobGen/ Unitech HT630 A program to scan inventory for JobGen/ Unitech HT630 - open to bidding - a program which will add digit strings - repost A program with a simple GUI that should do a simple task with a USB modem - A programing solution for the bus industry a programme - a programmer a programmer - A programmer needed for simple program Visual Basic A programmer needed part time - a programmer to program and design my idea to the end A programmer to speed up our launch date - A programming assignment in C (Due on 10/26) A programming assignment in C (Due on 10/26) -- 2 - A Project - Howdy? A Project - Write a project on A web based cyber cafe management system using using php or java but php preferably - A project completed at a grade range of 70-80% A Project Concept Note , Business and Project Management - A project for Adrián Hurtado a project for afafwaris! - A project for Arvi5 only a project for ashish - A project for CoherentTech123 A project for content site - A project for DFRMEX a Project for difan016 - a project for fatalmaker A Project for fionan - A project for HebaNashJamal only A project for hereonline only - A project for jasmine19 only A project for Java class - a project for kun01 A PROJECT FOR LALITA ONLY - A project for Marshall only! A project for MaryJaneSS - A project for mutsa only A project for my friend - A project for Picklu A project for pingpong2010eu - A project for Rajeev (alaxdam82) A project for Rc verma - a project for sheak A project for shellywagar - A project for someone i know a project for someone specialsomething somethingsomething somethingsomething somethingsomething somethingsomething something - A project for the establishment of a global web site A project for the expert - A project for VKgarg ONLY..... A project for Voronovavoice only - A Project for You A project for you - a project home work for college a project HTML CSS / and i need money - A Project involving LAMP server, Webclient, Android and iOS client A project involving linear inequality solver in Matlab with many constrains -- many solutions - A project manager with experience of setting up an insurance underwriting agency in the UK A project needs VC++/C++ - A project on Facebook A project on Google Tag Manager, Only experienced freelancer should apply. - A project on selenium webdriver framework ? - open to bidding a project on semaphores and mutex - A Project Report based on any topic with 0% plagiarism A Project Report based on any topic with 0% plagiarism - A project that needs (PHP, Creative Graphic design, Native IOS& Androis Apps + SEO + affiliate system + technical Support) A project that needs quick eyes and hands - A project to US residents ONLY A project to vote for politicians. - a projectmmmmmmmm A projector and speaker for a mac today - a promoter A promoter - A promotional video a promotional video - A Proofreader who has experience with the Constant Content website A proofreader-editor-copywriter needed for the written book on the topic of ‘how to find a niche for an ebook’. 6,000 words. - A proposal for a short novel, re mystery, fiction, 1500 words proposal A proposal for an Mobile App - A PROPOSAL TO SUBMIT TO SUBMIT TO A PRIVATE INVESTOR FOR FUNDING A proposal well designed and written - A prototype app A prototype app similar to QUORA app - A prototype pen-holderthat can accept a number of standard biro/rollerball/ A prototype performing speech comparison using Java - A PSD
a psd design - A psychologist with experience in developing psychometric tools; expertise in tourism and travel is desirable but not essential -- 2 A psychology research paper - A Pump System and Water Pipeline Simulation Final A Pump System and Water Pipeline Simulation Final -- 2 - A Python developer is needed to complete a django project. A Python developer is needed to complete a django project. -- 2 - A Python programmer in Melbourne who understands critical path method (CPM) scheduling on building or civil engineering construction projects. A python programmer required for upgrading website - A QR Barcode Generator for our website. A QR code Billing System - A QUALITY 5 webpage DESIGN and LOGO. A quality animator for hire - a quality video presentation of how to make money on the internet A Quality Website for selling Music - A Question / Answers Web App a question about an existing iphone app code - A question list that includes all the questions needed to ask in order to get the non functional requirements for a ERP implementation project A question on your entry - A quick Academic Work!!! A quick addition - A quick BA Project A quick banner design! - A quick design Needed! A quick design work for iphone app interface - A Quick Google Maps API project A quick Graphic Design - A quick little comedic animation of a conversation I had with a friend! A quick little PHP script - A Quick Program that im willing to pay someone finish i already wrote some of it A quick program to be written - A quick simple but great looking website! A quick simple diagram of my directory structure - A quick website in php A quick website made - a quiz app a quiz app - A quote and invoicing system A quote engine created - A R&B and hip hop Ghost Whiter a race car portfolio - A range of 50 Renders of interior spaces A Range Of Articles Needed - A rap about the book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao A rap animation video - A Re-Design + Transfer from FTP to WordPress Responsive & AMAZING ShowCase Site A re-engineerd Spreadsheet from an existing one - A ready to use internet dating site A ready to use online dating site needed (source code) - A real estate portal website A Real Estate script - A Real Solution to Financial Stuggles A real story - A Real-time mouse control using Matlab A realatively Small VB or dot net project - A really easy Android app demo! A really easy but unique app - A really simple web blog. A really simple WordPress question... - A recipe submission website PHP (Pakistani teams welcome) A Recipe Website - A RECRUITER a recruiter - A Reel Good Time A referral exchange website - A regola d'arte A regular blog writer for website: - A relativlewy simple website with a blog. I have most of the content. A Reliable Business Partner wanted - A remarkable bookapp needs Unity3d developer a reminder app - A replica of freelancer+ Quikr (Both combined) required A replica of new name to be myce - A report about image processing a report about mechanics of material - A report for SCM A report from a structural engineer on a retaining wall - A report of that includes law point of view A report of that includes law point of view - open to bidding - A Report on Geographic Business Intelligence a report on globalisation on company ZARA - A report on supply chain management consisting of 1500 words a report on the Security Environment of Myanmar - a reporting on financial A REPORTING WEBSITE - A Research Analyst A research and proposals to improve Job satisfaction level of IT employees in Hanoi - a research oriented project 1- reposted a research oriented project 1- reposted - repost - a research paper 10 pages long A Research Paper about the HISTORY OF SPAIN - A Research paper written about Romania - ongoing work A Research project in Applied Computer Science. - A research report related to Financial Market - 1500 Words A research theme Wordpress site for a University Professor - A residential property brochure A resistor color code calculator on j2me platform - A Responsive HTML Email Signature A responsive HTML page that updates content automatically. - A responsive website A responsive website - A restaurant app for iOS and Android(ideally) A restaurant App in Ionic framework with Backend CMS - A RESTFUL API controller for angular app A RESTful API in Python for an invetory db - A retail company dealing with gift items needs to be in the first 3 google searches in 2 months. A retail ecommerce website that provides search capability and management portal - A review app like Zomato A review being written - A review on the effects of child poverty essay A review on the effects of child poverty essay* - A revolutionary idea for a Social Network - repost A REWARD SITE - A RISKLESS, LONG TERM BUSINESS ibrahimfalkon A RISKLESS, LONG TERM BUSINESS - A robotic car controlled by dcs motors and sensors a robotic car controlled by sensors and a dcs motors - A Rommater Wimdu Combination Site Design a roof top - A Routing-Driven Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks. A Routing-Driven Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks.In an olden research on sensor network security mainly considers homogeneous sensor networks, where all sensor nodes have the same capabilities. Res - A russian speaking financial journalist A Russian Sweet - a sale email and a follow up email to sell my business A Sales & Inventories Analysis & Prediction Prototype for Restaurant - A Sales Marketer & an Integration Marketer A Sales Person - A sales template that runs our logo at top of page and approx 9 boxes for different products with a part number and brief description created A sales video animation - A salesperson to generate leads and appointments a salesperson to sell my business product to other business owners b2b - A sample Excel VBA A sample Excel VBA - open to bidding - a sample project to write for ujuugwu A sample python project - A Saucy and Naughty Website A Saudi Real Estate Portal - A Scheme program that operates on list A Scheme Tutorial - a school registration system a school registration system - open to bidding - A scientific word article transalted into a wikipedia article A scientist can change the alignment by assuming that an insertion or deletion, of one of the bases has occurred. They could make such a change, called an indel for short, to see if it improves the alignment - A screened in Porch / Deck design to replace existing deck A screenplay - a script - bulk filling a web-form A script cron in php -Interface two data base - A script for making hybrid images(illusions) in JavaScript