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A single question on an advanced astrophysics problem (radiative transport) - A single-page client/server web app to manage Multiple Choice Questions. A SIP Based VoIP Client Application for Windows - A site created on wordpress A Site Design... Pre-Launch Style & Click Bank Product too - A site just like Reddit for a different language a site just like the rite drive site. - A site like - repost 2 a site like - A site like webs dot com A site like - A Site or Group of Site earning $100 daily A site posting links - A site similar to munute workers A site similar to one listed below - A Site that Manages and Sells Digital Content A site that offers - A site which can earn me 10$-20$ per day from google adsense a site which repeats youtube song - A Sketch A sketch - A sketch of wedding dress a sketch or a painting done of my girlfriend - a skilled electrical enginer. a skilled flash designer for a flash clickable country map - A skillful php developer wanted (repost) A skillful/friendly web developer to upgrade my website - A Slice of Home A slick looking data table - A slogan, a phrase that represents our business. Potentially also a logo for our name, a facebook cover. A slot machine that members can play and be rewarded prizes. - A small 2-3 minute speech A small 3 page ios app required - A small adjustment of 3D model + pdf drawing A small Adobe Air Flash (AS3 / CS5) Application for on-screen score-keeping. - A small animation with simple cartoon shapes (example included) A small ansys project - a small application to watermark & upload images to FTP site A Small application tool to extract keywords from google - A small bios hook for Windows 7/8 [C/C++] -- 2 A small bit of XML coding - A small business project: Website extras A small business service shopping cart site - A Small CakePHP Troubleshooting Project #17 A small Calculation software for windows - A Small Click Button ( Jquerry Issue ) to be REctified a small clock for homepage - a small data entry job A small data entry job that could lead to a career - A Small Dynamic Website to built for Business Advertising a small e-commerce - a small Environment in Python/JS HTML5/JQUERY/JSON (expand) - repost a small error fix in my website - A small excel job A small excel job - A small flash game is need for a site. just a small A small flash Interactive - a small game in Netbeans A small game is required - A small home network utility a small home page design(repost) - A small issue a small issue in website which made aspx - A small java project for PC A Small Java using Suffix Trie - A small Joomla Project again A small Joomla project need expert person only - A small logo to print on t-shirts A small marketing campaign - A small networking project A Small Number of Targeted Facebook Fans - A small pencil sketch - concept drawing - repost A small Perl scripts - A Small PHP Script A small php script - a small POC using Python A small poster and notice board heading design (urgent !!) - A small program to search data. A small program to search project models on the exist webpages - a small project -- 2 a small project -- 3 - A small project involving Online web shop a small project need to be processed immediately - A Small Proof-of-Concept Facebook App a small proofreading project - A small report of total 5 pages. Only one literature is needed A small report on a java, uml project - A small script A small script for 3ds Max - a small simple interactive storytelling game using unity a small simple php and mysql website - A small sized webproject a small smart phone game - A small static website with a blog theme(repost) A small story on relationship - a small test for a mobile test 【very easy】 a small test for mobile app 【very easy】 - a small unity3d proton networking bug fix A small university assignment, involving UML Diagram and brief SQL - A small Web application for Google Cloud Platform A small web application project - need to start asap - a small websit needed (2 page only with data base ) A SMALL WEBSITE - A small website that provides clothing to a spefic company. A small website to be made very flashy - a small work for a website to create a alogrthm A small work for MAGENTO Experts - A smart course PHP website. A smart design for display - A Smiley Face with an arm! A smooth, flat, responsive WEBSITE, Css, JS, HTML5 incl. Check Analyze Document Before Bid, knowledge of JSP, MAVEN, SPRING important - A Soccer Blog that is autofeed with material. A Soccer Blog that is autofeed with material. - repost - A social game application for iPhone/iPad A Social Game: Phase-3 - A social media blogger for all my sites a social media campaign - A Social Network A Social Network - A social network for positivity A Social Network for Users - A social networking and a ride-matching site A Social Networking App - a social networking site a social networking site - A social networking website A social networking website - a social research paper A SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY WEBSITE PROJECT - a soft ware a soft ware - open to bidding - a software boxshot A software by c++ - A software developer is needed for a growth hacking project! -- 3 A software developer or coder - A software for tracking telvesions adverts and radio a software for whatsapp marketing..sending whatsapp messages in bulk to random numbers - a software or i don't know just something to unlock All kind of phones and iPhones a software or i don't know just something to unlock All kind of phones and iPhones - open to bidding - A Software similar to Rebelbetting A software sync with Youtube videos, send data from USB to arduino - A Software to decrypt an encoded string, stored in registry. A software to detect changes within to different rows in a table, mysql php - a software with android studio and java A software with Image Processing - a solidworks project - repost a soliliquy - A solution to simplify checkout process for customers and staff. -- 2
A solution to speed up my web request tool - A Sopisticated ebook app A sort of community (network) social website. - A Spain translator in Kota Kinabalu A spanish (guatemala) to english translator - A Special 3d Inkjet Printer Design - open to bidding A special alarm app for android - A Special Project for Brainiacs Team A Special Project for Helen - a Specialist in Microsoft Excel Program A specialist in Vicidial - A speech A speech - a speed search engine.......... - open to bidding A Speedy Virutal Assistant Required! Urgent! - A sporting sweater A sports application - A Sports Social Networking Site Build A Sports Social Networking Site Design - A SPREADSHEET - Repost A sprite sheet for a game - A Sri Lankan women entrepreneur : Case study A SSL Linux C Client (later more complex code to come) - A standalone project using Kinect A standalone project using Kinect -- 2 - A startup exchange that uses blockchain A startup requires a website to be designed. - A statement to be discuss A static android application with menu and static content of text and images - A static webpage A Static Website - A Statistical Analysis Web Page for my IOS Application -- 4 A Statistical Analysis Web Page for my new IOS App - A stats graduate (ideally based in London) to hire on a consultancy basis A stats graduate (ideally based in London) to hire on a consultancy basis - a stethescope added to a picutre of a nurse A sticker designed for my boat. - a stopwatch design using assembly code 8051 - should work on EDSim51 simulator A store and discount aggregator app across all platforms - a story sharing website. A Story Telling Fairy Type Of Animated For Kids Video - A Strategic Partnership A strategic planner - A strong brand A strong brand - open to bidding - a structural engineer is needed A Structural Engineering report to obtain a building licence - a student project in C# for bus transport (timetable) A Student Record Management System - A STUDY OF CRM SYSTEM IN INTERNATIONAL BANK A study of digital filter sharpening - article to be written - A stunning business website a stunning logo - A SUB4SUB website like, A Subcription based encrypted PPV Movie Portal - A SugarCRM-esque Application A suggestion - A summary writing A summary writing - open to bidding - A superb graphic designer - Mobile App A Superb Wedding Video Editor Needed - A Survey A survey about Context and Context-awareness - A survey webpage (over 2 pages) A survey website - A swoopo clone ready to go A sword created for input into the Valve workshop - a system A system admin is needed / security hole causes spamming probably - A system similar to Livechat inc A system similiar with Auction Site - A Systematic Review on Methods to Improve Transfer Rates of African American Male Student-Athletes in California Community Colleges - repost - Repost A Systematic Software on Entrance Examinations for Admission in Professional Course" - A T-Shirt Design A T-shirt design for "The Rusty Gig" Guide Service - A t-shirt with a creepy Micky mouse on it a t-shirt writen my name - a take data entry jobes a takeaway food menu - A talented is writer needed. Article writing for university students. a talented person to work with our team of consultants - a task organizer script in php mysql -- 3 a tattoo - A TCP Server - Client Application [VB.NET] A TCP Socket programming c or c++ - A team logo a team logo - A team of Web Developers A Team of Web Developers Needed to do a Virtual Trade Show - A team work - open to bidding A Teaser by template - A Technical Drawing for a Product Display Unit A technical drawing needs to be changed to reflect a modification that needs to be done on a centrifugal pump - A technical sketch and regular sketch for one item of sports clothing along with a spec chart. A technical step by step how to content - A tee shirt design to go with our theme A teen site template - A Template A template - A Template Graphically Designed for a PDF Document a template in an Excel file - A temporary lawyer A temporary one page landing with just two logos - A test PHP project a test program to run on Nvidia GTX graphics cards - A testing ,practice and performance tool for school students preparing for their exams A testing expert required from India - A Text-Mode Monopoly Game - Repost - open to bidding A Text-Mode Monopoly Game C++ - A theme installed and minor changes on theme A theme installed onto active wordpress site - A Thoroughbred racehorse named Lava Man. A book for children and horse racing fans. A thousand ads before 25th december 2013 - A time class A Time For Change - A Tiny & Simple Quick CSS project A tiny change to an oscommerce site - A Title a title - A todo app with gestures and iCloud Drive backup/sync a todo app with social logins - A tool to convert pdfs to excel A tool to download files from ftp site - A top highly experienced fashion designer for kids clothing. A Top Indenpendent Film Production Company Asu Has Varies Freelance Jobs - A Total of 24 Articles Needed - Filipino Writers Only A total of Fifty informative Travel Articles are required - A Tour website app A Tourism Site - A trading company requires a part time book-keeper that can work remotely A Trading e-commerce website - A TRAINER FOR A 5 DAY PROJECT MANAGEMENT COURSE A trainer for game Red Alert 2 ! - A tranquil multiple page website A Transactional Website / Web Application - a translated copy of the documents supplied a translater - A translation from English to Malay A translation from English to Malay - repost - a translator a translator - A translator for a Wedding Day! a translator for escorting me to the job centre - A translator to accompany a Chinese government delegation visiting Tauranga for one day. A translator to accompany for 4 days in Hanoi while I here on business - a translator who can translate oral & written material