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- A table of contents with hyperlinks to other worksheets\n- A worksheet that lists all employees along with their job ID and various other fields of info about the employee, filters turns on.\n- A Worksheet with each job ID, the hourly rate of pay for that job, job title, job description, etc.\n- A worksheet with salespersons, their sales, and their commissions as determined by a VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX or other table lookup function which determines commission rate.\n- A Time Card work sheet wich automatically populates with the employee\'s information when the user inputs the employee\'s ID.\n- A Financial worksheet which calculates a loan payment when the user inputs loan info, including amount, interest rate, and term of the loan. \n- A worksheet with a PivotTable and corresponding PivotChart.\n- 2 Chart sheets, 1 pie chart, 1 column or bar chart. At least on should include data chart, legend, and title.

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Hello, I'm An Expert In These Skills: > Microsoft Office programs (Excel, Word, Power Point, Google Sheets, ...) > Converting PDF to any text format. > Data Entry > Copy/Paste Work > Web scraping any information you need. > Data Processing. > Translation/Transcription (Arabic, French and English). > Android. > Web Design, HTML, Wordpress. > Programming (Java/C/C++/VB) and a lot more. Highly responsible person I offer efficiency and high quality work.

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