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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✓ Leads ✓ Email Handling/Email Verifier ✓ Data Entry/Excel/Word/Power Point ✓ Typing/Writing/Editing ✓ Support/Assistant ✓ C/C++/VHDL ✓ MATLAB/Micro Wind/Xilinx/Eagle/Tanner ---------------------------------------------------- ...

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    Hi, my name is Michiel and I am a software developer. Currently I am studying computer games, because I would love to become a video game programmer. Developing games is a lot of fun, since people might enjoy their time because of your work. I have already developed a few games. You can find them on my portfolio w ...

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    I have very good skills.

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    Native German speaker, bi-lingual in English, solid French language skills I worked as a Partner / Managing Director for a large, global Consulting company (Accenture) with clients and teams in many European countries, the USA and Asia. This work and the daily interaction with senior clients taught me the impor ...

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    I enjoy writing as a hobby but have decided to turn my hobby into profit. From writing for entertainment, to writing heartfelt speeches, or beautiful lines of poetry worthy of Hallmark cards, I write with passion and enthusiasm. What I lack in published experience, I make up for in sheer dedication and quality. ...

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    ✔ Upwork Top Verified Web Developer ------------- WHY ME --------------- + WordPress Theme and Plugin Expert + 1800+ hours on Up-work. + 150+ jobs on Up-work. + 5.0 Rating + Experience more than 8 year in "Web / Windows Application Development" + Creative mind. + Huge portfolio. + Time ...


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