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Software testing refers to a series of procedures conducted with the objective of ascertaining the quality of a software program or service. Professionals with several years of experience conduct these tests and monitor each stage to identify the potential problems that may arise with the software. By hiring a software testing expert, you can prevent problems at a later stage and ensure that your software is free of errors. Post a job now and manage your software programs in a better manner.

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    Testing proyecto 6 días left

    Estoy buscando a un testeador para que teste u proyecto que esta casi listo a falta de testear y corregir algunos bugs que puedan aparecer en el testeo.

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    queremos hacer un raise a floppa pero de el pana walter, ya hicimos varias cosas pero todavia nos faltan muchas

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    Desarrollo de Software 2 días left

    Necesito crear una solución informática que permita el registro de participantes a un evento X y pueda generar un código QR que llegue al usuario que se registra de manera automática a través de Correo Electrónico , que sirva además para que el usuario ingrese a la actividad, este software, debe poder personalizarse en función del evento.

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    DevOps ingeniero 2 días left

    Se requiere una persona para que genere el proceso de una actulizacion de una app, es superfizar, verificar testear, monitorear y entregar el trabajo en tiempo y forma Es importante contar con experiencia de preferencia que hable ingles y español. el trabajo consta de uperiodo de dos meses es importante cumplir con el tiempo requerido. Para mayor informacion se contactara por meet

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    La empresa quiere desarrollar un proyecto que permita manejar todos los clientes que tiene una firma de abogados o abogados que quieran mantener toda la informacion en esta plataforma. El proyceto de tener: 1. Almacenamientos de clientes. 2. Proceso o demanda que se le realice. 3. Notificaciones de audiencias. 4. Notificacion de audios 5. Juzgados de todo el pais. 6. Almacenamiento de gestor documental. Por ahora seria el comienzo inicial del proyecto.

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    Actualmente tenemos desarrollado software con plataforma web. Estoy en busca de quien me ayude a desarrollar app móvil de dicho fotware

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    Like Adspower's fingerprint browser .You can configure different fingerprints and operating can import HTTP, socks5, 911s5 proxy

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    Hi We are looking for a ready to use software product ( including mobile application ) with source access , capable of doing following functions : 1. onboarding of a blue collar worker including Aadhar based verification 2. Compliance management like PF, ESI 3. Attendance management through rfid/biometrics/gps, , leave management 4. Deployment to client, site 5. Shift management / allocation 6. Payroll processing 7. Productivity management 8. Offboarding/Exit management We are looking at a ready application with 70-100% work done and tsted, the balance we can get done. The product should preferably be on nodejs, however othrs are also welcome Rgds

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    I need C/C++ developer who have 3 more years.

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    working with DAW 6 días left

    In your DAW of choice, please create and export a sequence of up to 32 bars containing: MIDI data controlling a percussion source on one or more channels MIDI data controlling a melodic source (e.g. a piano instrument) on one or more channels Audio regions on one or more channels Demonstrate some level and pan mixing on these channels Edit your MIDI data and audio regions Process channel audio with EQ, compression and any special effects e.g. reverb, delay Any of the leading DAWs would suffice, including FL Studio should you require them: Ableton - Pro Tools - Cubase - Reason - Reaper -

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    Qa selenium tester required, for a project java

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    App Android need to complete 6 días left

    Finalizing an incomplete Android app. Completing the UI and connecting to the backend. Time of execution of work: 1 day

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    (Preferred Telugu People) Company details : Finari Services Private Limited: It is Software company regarding Web technologies and Core banking. We are looking for : we are looking for automation tester for testing web technology project using selenium with java (automation) and Postman automation. ( for 2 weeks work )

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    Photovoltaic Planing 5 días left

    Measure Roofs via Satellite and calculate how many Modules are possible and make offers to customers. You use different Software and I show you how it works.

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    Laravel project run on my Mac M1 5 días left

    I need to install Laravel project on Mac M1. I was trying to install but there have some error. Exactly i need to run Laravel project on my Mac M1.

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    pharmacy app, retail shop, prescription issue-

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    I am on my way of opening a social club , as i have seen around too much clubs are using NFC or RFID , so their clients can identify theirself in the entry of the shop. I have seen too much shops methods and i prefer to create my visit card so i can put the (nfc or rfid chip inside) and clients can use it very easy to identify. I need chip (nfc or rfid) to keep photo and information , general information (name , last name , birthday , country ) . So i will need a writer and a reader in my entry.

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    Hello, my co-founders and I are currently looking for beta testers to help us test our new autobooking software. We will pay you $20 and get your driving test moved up.

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    I need Corporate Trainers for Automation Testing Batch Its a full day batch from 9.30 A.M to 5.30 P.M for 30 Days Those who have the below skill set will be preferred Manual Testing concepts Selenium using Java Cucumber TestNG API Testing using SOAP UI Rest Assured JIRA Location :- Remote and should be belong to India Location only

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    I need a provider of netflix eGift card usd for my application

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    $11 / hr Oferta promedio
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    I need help in setting up nbgrader for autograding of course assignments. The course teaches machine learning using Pyhton. Check more details on nbgrader here

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    different types of mice for you to click and buy new mice you then get more clicks. also the more clicks you get the more higher you jump unlock different world and get new mice also there will be different types of pet eggs and multipliers for your clicks you can sell your clicks but if you dont wanna sell your clicks then you can buy the infinite clicks game pass for 799 robux. any roblox developers who are up to this project pls hit me up, thank you for your patronage.

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    Hi we are looking for someone who could setup gsuite account for a company and create 2 accounts.

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    Hello there I need a lan based (no internet needed) windows queue managment system including a reception (to choose departments and print tickets) and 6-8 call counters and a display screen (display screen need to be in arabic language) See pictures attached for more details

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    Usability test Australia 3 días left

    We are a fintech looking for a person to perform usability tests for a payment system. The person has to be located in Australia.

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    اريد متحدث باللغة العربيه نيتف يستطيع كتابه محتوى لمنصة تطوعية

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    Skillset: Selenium Blogging Jasmine Jest Api testing Automation testing

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    credit bureau platform 3 días left

    This will be a rebuild from an existing software that currently host the data and day to day operations of the company's services. The new build will be a replica of the existing software but with new UI designs. It will contain 1 dashboard and 1 mobile app (android & IOS).

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    Omnet simulation on VANET Measure metrics effects by attack on VANET

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    selenium error 3 días left

    I had to reinstall anaconda and then install selenium to run an algorithm for TDAAmeritrade. It logs into TDA to get quotes but when it attempts to place an order we get error 401. Upon installing selenium I got an error message : "ERROR: requests 2.22.0 has requirement urllib3=1.25.0, [1.25.1, >=1.121.1, but you'll have urllib3 1.26.9 which is incompatible." I uninstalled urllib3 and re-installed urllib3 version 1.26.0. It didn't work. When I run the algorithm I get an error "Authentication Error: list is out of range" I located the origin of this error to the following line of code "parse_url = (('code=')[1])".

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    QA for a simple web app 3 días left

    We have a PWA which allows people to learn English. We need someone to go through it and do some testing. Make sure it is working as it should

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    AS I told above I am just starting a company,so i cannot assure you a first month salary?. But if we get succeed then i can you are looking for the money from beginning itself don't come to me.

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    Need expert who can do both shell and python .IT experience real time person needed

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Need expert who can do both shell and python .IT experience real time person needed

    $25 (Avg Bid)
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    I Have Made APPS with a developer and he will send me the source code after the project is done i wanna know if this source code is working well and there is no bugs or back doors or problem within the code and will need to test the apps as well as performance and features and all this stuff

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    Hello I want to SCO complete the auditing of my website. Let me know any Experienced person is available who have strong experience in blogging, Web stories Website :-

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    We are a new company in the market that is going to implement its project in the near future. We have some developments that we would like to show you. You will be given an archive with our prototype application. You will need to look at it and tell us if you are ready to move forward with us in this direction. Password:test_qa

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    We are a new company in the market that is going to implement its project in the near future. We have some developments that we would like to show you. An important prerequisite that we need to fulfil is to look at the "Technical Task", which will contain information about us and some of our work. You will need to review them and decide if you are ready to move in the same direction with us. Password: Technical_Task

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    inventory data 2 días left

    I have complete data I want to shortlist with encode using by mobile camera

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    I need to know if possible can I merge a program called Blockly onto my brokers trading platform and if so can I pay for your services to walk me through the process of getting it on my computer

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    Dyno Software 2 días left

    Hello, I'm looking for someone that can build a dyno data aquisition software from scratch, or that using the freeware and open source simple dyno, modifying it for my needs. There's a possibility of using comercial free softwares that usually have they own controllers, in this case the work will be discover the comunication packages, to replicate with a ESP32 On attach there's some ideias in case of start from simple dyno. Thanks in advance

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    I need an experienced tester with two Apple devices (iPhone or iPad) to test my app in China. Please in your offer include links to and examples of your work. Details will be provided to a selected tester.

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    I want cryptocurrency exchange just like Bianance

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    Hey Guys, I have a document and I need help with the test case documentation in all possible scenarios. please bid only if you are good at testing with clear Xcel documentation. thanks.

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    Check the uploaded Project Pdf. file and if understand the project and workflow hen do the bidding. We have required fully Online logistics and courier management software for Domestics and International Courier and Cargo management from end-to-end online auto service. Language .NET We attached the details modules file, around 80-90% of the details are mentioned., some general points are not mentioned in the document, Logically have to do done which is not mentioned in the documents, the rest will advise at the design time and later on. 1. Develop the Management software 2. Develop the app and onboard in Google Play Store 3. API integration with required Brands, (all APIs are Open source, no need to purchase it. 4. Map/GPS Integration for Rider tracking and distance calculation at...

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    I want to build a skip button for windows which will skip any type of add displayed on multiple screens automatically

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    Counterfeiting -google adds 1 día left

    We have a shopify site - Our advertisements (which are just lifted off product we are showing from Alibaba), have been banned and our accounts closed from both "Google adds" and "Facebook" due to "alleged counterfeiting" (I think.- but don't know.). Cannot contact either company to find what the fault was/is and therefore don't know how to rectify and hopefully recommence?? Can anyone help?

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