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Reports, sometimes called white papers, are a valuable tool for getting your name, product or service out there in print. Sometimes these are given out as freebies or incentive to purchase an eBook with more information. Other times they are simply created for informational purposes. Whatever the purpose, report writing should be professional and error free. Only an experienced writer can give value to these texts. By hiring a freelancer, you save the time and effort of writing yourself, while also enjoying the power of well written content.

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    Timaya don da da 6 días left

    We are looking for someone who can work very well for us and nice for everywhere

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    Mohbad feel good 6 días left

    We are working on a fast project that need seriousness and concentration very well.

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    The study gives a clear understanding if managerial which is important for accountants who must provide the necessary information which managers need to perform their functions.

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    research project 6 días left

    - A clear and concise explanation of. - the purpose of a research Question. - How a Researn Question is developed - The key factors of a Research Question including a concise jusuficaton for each factor. - Any other considerations for Research Questions. - The above should be written as a series of connected and convincing arguments that provides evidence for the elements mentioned in the work by the student using appropriate referencing

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    Write literature review 6 días left

    Write a literature review with a maximum of 2000 words. You have to refer to some past project papers based on the given topic .I will let you know the topics later in chat.

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    need a report for further allocation of budget for a work in progress project. may be 30 pages. do have initial estimation and project approval report as well as total budget allocation approval and cost for first phase of project. the writing should be such that we should get next allocation of budget approved so that the projected can be continued.

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    I need some good freelancer how can write into Singapore Lagrange

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    Trophy icon Reflecting your learning process 6 días left

    University project • What have I learned in my icc class? What motivated my to learn? • When have I learned? In what circumstances? Under what conditions? • What difference did using online formats make in my learning process? • How have I learned or not, and do I know what kind/type/style of learner I am? If yes, did I take this into consideration when organising my learning? • What difference has learning in this class made in my intellectual, personal, and ethical development? • In which way is my learning from this class relevant, applicable, practical? • When, how, and why has my learning in this class surprised me? • What have been the proudest highlights of my learning in this class? What have been the disappointments of my learning in this c...

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    We are looking for someone to perform an in-person audit at a testing center in Espoo, Finland. This audit is being conducted to assess if the staff on site is following the rules and regulations and are monitoring test takers to ensure there is no cheating going on. This is a great opportunity to help improve standardized test administration. We provide full training. Please let me know if you are interested. ***PLEASE NOTE: Once you are booked the audit cannot be postponed or assigned to a different freelancer.***

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    Essay writing 6 días left

    Approaches to tackle diabetes in primary care. (e.g., Lifestyle measures, Medical treatment, Monitoring of treatment and complications, focus on outcomes, focus on productivity measures, focus process indicators). Two pages, Harvard style

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    English writing 6 días left

    Writing missing paragraphs, references, complete research structure (table of contents, list of figures, tables, …)

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    Writer and publisher needed 5 días left

    I have some of topic, about Marketing, Agriculture, Nursing and political science. I needed write research paper and published it yourself by journal Scopus Q1 or Q2 Sincerely request- please bid if you have any experience writing and published. I never want only a writer.

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    Hysys assignement 5 días left

    Hi. I am looking for someone with strong grip on Chemical Engineering thermodynamics (mass balance equations) and Hysys, to work with me on an assignement about a case study of an offshore project using Hysys, where they have to write a report about the process.

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    assist me in my sciatic research to write a report about the Raman spectroscopy STUDY OF FERROELECTRICITY IN NEW MULTI-FERROIC COMPOUND. below is a guide for one to follow

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    This job is made for market research, please find the attached copy of the job description, its based on commission, if interested, let us know. Best Regards, Saif.

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    i need six pages on my topic include (a title , background of the study , the scoop ....)

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    Greetings! Please read details carefully: Apply ONLY IF your answer is YES for questions 1-2-3! Otherwise, please don't waste my time and your time! This is only for people in UK. Welcome!! 1) You are in UK?? 2) Have access to any Tesco store?? 3) Ready to do 5+ minutes video at location?? Compensation will be provided for 1 hour of your time. Further details would be shared in CHat with you. Thanks.

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    Business reports 5 días left

    Executive-level reports, articles, and memos English Honors and more than 10 years of report writing experience required

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    Executive summary for for Maxdiff. Primary Market research data with tables and questionnaire available.

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    Hello, I have a Annual Report 2 pages of texts. I'm looking for a person who can take this report to the next level for our donors to read and feel proud of our achievements. I anticipate 1 drafts and then a final proof. Duration: within 120hrs. Our goal is excellence for our donors as we deliver them this report. I'm open to suggestions and look forward to working with you on this collaboration.

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    Hello Freelancer kindly help summarize minutes of 2021 family meeting.

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    Rewrite a report 5 días left

    I wrote the text of a report with almost 3300 words, but it needs to be rewritten.

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    Thesis Prospectus 5 días left

    I need a rough draft of a thesis prospectus. I have research, but I need the literature review, abstract etc. This is a very basic rough draft. Outline and research will be provided. Communication Sciences and Disorders is the major.

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    (NEW FREELANCER ONLY)A project with 3000 words, critical thinking is required. A well discussion with good sources... (GERMANY WRITER'S SHOULD BID) ASAP

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    Hi freelancer's I need so who is very good on the reliable arts computer satiation writing

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    Alyssa Arnau serving 10 sentence

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    I have 3 pages of white papers. It was written in Portuguese(Brazil). I want to make it more systematically and logically.

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    Do you know a lot about solar and renewable energy? Are you interested to write a story on how to make a factory ''green'' Can you make calculations and advice on scenario? Are you able to write editorial with complete green solution for a factory? You need to write a small research paper on 6 pages including pictures, statistics and calculations en good ''normal'' skilled English. No use of difficult words. Contact us now,

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    I want someone to mak may reports in teblu or advance Excel

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    I need to write reports for something on our companies scale of preferences

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    You have to write me a speech on any of these... asap Does social media broaden perspectives or isolate viewpoints? Contemporary culture of PRIVATIZATION in India: Pros and Cons. Discuss. Every graduation student should obtain foreign experience in a faraway culture Bio-war and bio-weapons- new means of world supremacy Role of EV to achieve net zero target by 2070

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    Need someone to write a sponsorship proposal we are seeking sponsorship from corporation for our festival

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    Looking for a freelancer who can speak English conversational Must be American/European. Don't bid if you are not located in America or Europe Welcome students Long-term part-time contract 2 or 3 hours per week Monthly payment: $200+ prefer Male freelancer Thanks

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    Expert Writer Needed A 4 días left

    Do you know Lehman's referencing style? Are you a PH.D level writer? Can you write a proposal on Business information system in relation to Oil and gas field? If yes, I have a job for you. Kindly bid

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    i need a essay writer 4 días left

    A discussion of the link between Black Lives Matter and the need to de-colonise the curriculum with references

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    i need an essay writter 4 días left

    A discussion of the link between Black Lives Matter and the need to de-colonise the curriculum

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    i need someone to write about a simple electronic project , how it was made and executed . for my final year BE project.

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    report writing 3D 4 días left

    I need someone that is capable and intelligent to write me a good script report

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    film production analyze 4 días left

    2 essays each 500 words will provide all information

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    Language teaching project 4 días left

    A project with 3000 words, critical thinking is required. A well discussion with good sources.

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    Prepare an individual academic report in which you will propose an enterprise the case study with 1500 words

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    Paper on HR 3 días left

    Paper discussing and analyzing HR in the global level with comparison chart.

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