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    ...artificial. Colaborar con otros desarrolladores y equipos de proyecto para asegurar la coherencia y calidad del código. Realizar pruebas y aseguramiento de calidad de los sistemas desarrollados. Documentar cada etapa del desarrollo y proporcionar informes regulares sobre el progreso de los proyectos. Requirements: Educational Background: Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics, or related fields. Specialized courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation. Professional Experience: Minimum 5 years of experience in software development and automation. Proven experience in robotics projects and integration of AI systems. Track record of successful freelance work or in...

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    Estoy buscando alguien que pueda asistirnos en hacer el catálogo de conceptos de una casa habitación misma que tiene una pequeña construcción. Se proporcionarán los datos del proyecto en REVIT. Deberá de realizarse en español para evitar errores técnicos y de preferencia alguien en Mexico

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    ¿Qué harás? - Garantizar el uptime del servicio, tanto por código como infraestructura - Autoescalar infraestructura - Monitorización de servidores, emulación de picos de tráfico y depuración de cuellos de botella - Apoyar en la optimización de código en Laravel, refactorización, buenas prácticas - Gestionar los procesos de commits, despliegues en producción, CI/CD etc. - Evaluación funcional y técnica de aplicaciones ¿Qué Buscamos?: - Más de 5 años años de experiencia trabajando como Devops o SRE - Conocimientos de Digital Ocean, AWS, Azure, serverless para hacer la mejor recomnedación en caso de migración - Conocimientos de Laravel, D...

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    The project is 252 days and 4231 hours. The budget for each freelancer is 47,49. Specific requerimients in chat Required skills: Engineering drawing, product design, industrial design, technical drawing/tech pack, 3d rendering, Data science, machine learning, branding, fashion design, ux design. digital marketing, project management. All will need to have knowledge of Machine Learning to make data-driven decisions and complement the Machine Learning specialist. -Project Manager (Lean Startup): Experience in the implementation of the Lean Startup method. Ability to make informed and agile decisions. Central coordinator to ensure team alignment with project objectives. Software Developer: Experience in web and application development. Knowledge of tech...

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    ...commission rate of minimum 500 USD/month with the objetive completion. This job is ideal for: - Bilingual English-Spanish speakers, as the courses are conducted in Spanish - Professionals who understand digital marketing and sales targeting intermediate level professionals - Individuals who can convince potential clients of the course's value, and ensure we reach our goal of 50 sales per month Materials used for the course will include PowerPoint presentations, PDF Documents, as well as pre-recorded videos. As such, familiarity with these formats and an understanding of their benefits for participants would be an advantage. This is a sale so that these courses are paid by companies to their workers, a simpler sale than going directly to the professional....

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    This activity consists of carrying out a program that allows evaluating the Mohr circle at a specified point of a Simply Supported Beam type element, at a specific height of the section and allowing it to be rotated by a desired angle. For this, the program must consider a beam made of THREE materials in type I section and heights and thicknesses specified by the user. • It must be programmed in Matlab code. • Should be applicable to any Simply Supported beam. The beam must have one ascending and one descending triangular load, one rectangular load, two point loads and at least one bending moment. • Diagrams of shear, moment, rotation and vertical deflection of the selected beam must be included. • Graphs of axial and shear forces must be included in the element...

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    - MUTE THE BEEP TONE WHILE PRINTING - INCREASE PRINTING SPEED - ALLOW RESIZING PRINTING IMAGE *PPD-Adobe: "4.3" *FormatVersion: "4.3" *FileVersion: "1.1" *LanguageVersion: English *LanguageEncoding: ISOLatin1 *PCFileName: "" *Manufacturer: "Custom Engineering" *Product: "(P3L)" *1284DeviceID: "MFG:Custom Engineering;CMD:Custom Engineering;MDL:P3L;CLS:PRINTER;" *cupsVersion: 1.1 *cupsManualCopies: True *cupsModelNumber: 80 *cupsFilter: "application/vnd.cups-raster 0 rastertoP3L" *ModelName: "P3L" *ShortNickName: "P3L" *NickName: ...

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    ...2, 138-139. 5. Gaspard P et al (2009) Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus contamination of healthcare workers’ uniforms in long-term care facilities. Journal of Hospital Infection; 71: 2, 170-175. 6. Oller AR, Mitchell A (2009) Staphylococcus aureus recovery from cotton towels. Journal of Infection in Developing Countries; 3: 3, 224-228. 7. Lankford MG et al (2006) Assessment of materials commonly utilized in health care: implications for bacterial survival and transmission. American Journal of Infection Control; 34: 5, 258-263. 8. Neeley A, Maley M (2000) Survival of enterococci and staphylococci on hospital fabrics and plastic. Journal of Clinical Microbiology; 38: 2, 724-726. 9. Bloomfield SF, Exner M, Signorelli C, Nath KJ, Scott EA; International Scien...

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    ...illuminated. Squash & Racqueball: This discipline will have its space in Ciudad Deportiva Heredia, we will have 6 Squash & Racqueball rooms equipped for the practice of this sport. Indoor Soccer and Handball: We will have 4 indoor soccer fields, 2 indoor and handball fields, and two outdoors. The fields will be illuminated and with stands to accommodate fans, they will be built with the best materials to give them durability in the face of weather conditions. Tennis: 4 outdoor tennis courts next to each other, will be proposed so that this sport is further enhanced in our province, illuminated to be able to practice it during summer nights, and a court with official measurements with stands to accommodate 3000 people to compete in international competitions. Table Ten...

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    Diploma of Engineering Finalizado left

    Hola. Estoy buscando una persona que estudie en mi lugar. Es decir le paso la clave y la contraseña de mi plataforma escolar y que me complete todas las tareas. Tengo 21 modulos para completar durante todo el año pero estoy un poco retrasado ahora. mi año escolar finaliza en 30 mayo. toda la plataforma es en ingles por que estudio en Melbourne Australia. En cada modulo se trata de una parte teorica y algun proyecto en autocad o inventor. El instituto se llama Baxter institute lo puedes buscar en internet. Si alguien esta interesado paso las claves para conectarse a la plataforma y que revise que hay que hacer y que me diga cuanto me cobraria por cada modulo. Prefiero contacto por whasapp asi puedo eviar videos y explicar todo lo que hay que hacer. gracias

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    ...attached file (list .jpg). The manual that indicates the codes for these heavy equipment is attached () We need the program to translate all the codes that the crane shows through j1939, I will attach a file showing a reading of several minutes You can write to me and I sent you a video of exactly what we want to achieve and a video of the current connection and the materials we have for this project ( ) Is this the currnt conexion ht tps: //youtu. be/ukBIB QUGr18 Is this what we want htt ps: / / /shorts/ S18N0S0snEY ?feature=share Is this a device conecc to raspbrry py and craner htt ps://ww /B07P9JGXXB?ref =ppx_yo2ov_dt_ b_product_details&th=1 note: things that I will not do for any reason, - do not ask me to pay you in

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    ...metaverse gaming league, y tambien proyectos para marcas de ropa. Te dejamos una descripción aproximada de la posición: What you should have... - 3-5 years of experience with Roblox/Lua/Content Development. - Demonstrable 3D Gameplay programming knowledge, including vector mathematics, AI, animation, camera control, input mechanisms, etc. - Experience working with game assets (meshes, animations, materials, etc) - Experience profiling and optimizing the game and render performance (CPU and memory) - Experienced with a scripting language like Lua. What you'll be doing... - Work closely with product Managers, game and sound designers to ensure that the product embodies the shared vision - Write and maintain automated tests - Use the Roblox game engine to bui...

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    I have clients who want to display artwork with 3D elements on their digital screens and I'm looking for freelance designers who can work on this artwork. Currently, the design team that we have does not have 3D capabilities and has produced very poor quality materials and little graphic criteria. I attach the graphic line of the client and the 3D that my team made (which is not even close to what we need)

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    ...can proceed with his purchase. Payment can be made either via Paypal or via Stripe. The screen should show: - an UPLOAD button, to upload the model - the previously explained options that can be configured by the user, - a 3D visualization of the model you have uploaded - a button to add to cart - an option to proceed with the purchase - an information window, in which the different materials and information about the options to be configured will be explained In addition, the calculator must be able to give recommendations to the user in the case of certain configurations, which will be opened to him when configuring them (for example: if he selects an unsuitable material in particular for a large part, explain to him that it is better to select another) As an e...

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    Necesito un diseñador que me ayude a mejorar unos "investment materials". En particular, una presentación. Aun esta WIP, pero estimo que tendra unas 20 paginas mas o menos. El diseñador tiene que tener experiencia en trabajos previos, y ha de poder mostrarlos para evaluar la calidad de su trabajo.

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    Proyecto enfocado a crear una plataforma web para una constructora, donde se tenga el seguimiento de sus requisiciones, cotizaciones, compras y pagos de materiales y servicios para sus obras. Importante disponibilidad de tiempo Project focused on creating a web platform for a construction company, where its requisitions, quotes, purchases and payments of materials and services for its works are monitored. Important time availability

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    Hola ! Tengo un proyecto modelado , con materiales y a...y amoblado en Lumion 11. Lo que necesito es la visualización final con lumion y Photoshop . El render deberá ir en foto montaje con una imagen de la ciudad atrás. Busco una buena imagen realista ! Para inmobiliaria. Son 2 imágenes . Una de día y otra de noche Colocare ejemplos de lo que busco. Hi! I am looking for an Architecture visualization . I already have the model in LUMION 11, with materials and furnitures . I just need the final render from lumion and the after production in photoshop. There is 2 pictures I need: Daylig picture and Evening picture. Both pictures are PHOMONTAGE, with a picture of the city in the background that I will provide you. The project is for a real state p...

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    Deberá analizar una viga sujeta a cierto arreglo de cargas externas y estudiar el impacto que tiene la sección transversal sobre los esfuerzos y deformaciones longitudinales que se generan. Se debe diseñar el sistema completo para poder definir el tipo de soportes y condiciones de frontera que se modelarán, los materiales considerados, junto con todas las dimensiones y cargas. El modelo CAD del sistema debe presentarse para poder realizar el análisis FEM. Realizando la combinación de los casos mencionados, se espera que se presenten resultados de manera concisa comparando los valores obtenidos con los cálculos analíticos y las simulaciones FEM. Resultados analíticos Se deberán determinar y presentar mediante un editor d...

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    ...laser sensor and sending data through MQTT and an API. What we have already available, you do not need to worry about: +Code written under the Arduino IDE. +The device has the following hardware bill of materials: -Custom PCB -ESP-12E/F -Sensor VL53L0X I2C -LED Green Color connected to GPIO 14 -Push Button connected to GPIO 0 *It is used to get Arduino into programming mode if pressed when device is starting *It is used as general purpose push button after Arduino has been initialized +The device has the following software bill of materials in the form of libraries: -WiFi Manager -Adafruit VL53L0X -FireBase ESP8266 -PubSub Client +A Gitlab repository where the latest version of code is hosted What ...

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    ...presentar sus aportes. Luego mi director de tesis envió el articulo finalizado a una correccion de estilo y le hicieron muchos cambios que resultaron contraproducentes antes de ser enviado a el Journal. Ahora tengo que realizar las correcciones que solicitan los reviewers y organizar el articulo lo mejor posible. Necesito ayuda con tutoria para mejorar la escritura cientifica en ingles. i wrote an engineering scientific article 4 years ago, I took 1.5 years for a coauthor to review and improve the writing, then when It was finished my thesis director hired a style editor who changed a lot of writing before sent to a journal. I have to re write and improve the article with the journal reviewers suggestions. Need help me to finish the thecnical writing....

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    3D Serale Medical Finalizado left

    We are developing an orthosis to treat automated anterior / posterior cruciate ligament fractures, using additive manufacturing (3D Printing). The goal is to develop and participate in platforms Crowdfunding to complete development and market it. We request professionals in bio mechanics or electromechanical engineering with knowledge of arduino programming and automation to support the project.

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    ...Creaciones Caspiel S.L. was born in 1975 in Madrid, and since its inception it specializes in the manufacture of high quality ladies' handbags and leather goods, marketed under the CATS brand. The success of CATS lies in an initial idea that has remained seamless over the years, which is to combine, in the most elegant way and with the best materials, tradition with modernity, and secular craftsmanship with design and Fashion. The choice of raw materials is essential for us, and we always seek to offer the highest quality in our products. The leathers we use are mainly veal from Central Europe and Spain, two areas of world-renowned prestige for the qualities offered. WHAT WE WANT TO TRANSMIT We want to convey elegance. CORPORATE COLORS We would like to rec...

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    ...necesito adaptar el trabajo conforme mis ingresos por lo que una de mis limitantes en este momento es no tener un capital muy alto (sin embargo veo opciones). La empresa tiene un matiz familiar debido a que mi papa tiene fabrica de muebles y por lo tanto deseo realizar el conjunto entre construcción y mueblería. Adjunto perfil de facebook, perfil de pagina gratuita google. Agradezco mucho la atención. Sls...

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    Improve company website that provides specialized engineering services mainly for companies in the medical industry. With Call to Actions to attract new leads on WIX. SEO, CTA.

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    I need a system capable of detecting the leakage of gas, water and electricity that sends me real-time monitoring in an app created for smartphone. The project must h...through the app that there is a gas leak. 2) The water leak detector must monitor the flow rate and by means of a flow sensor, there must also be a warning in the app to be created. 3) When detecting greater power consumption by measuring wattage with a sensor, the user must be alerted in the app. 4) This whole system must be through Arduino. 5) communication must be over wifi 6) I need the list of materials and connection diagram to carry it out in physical. 7) And finally I need the application that is capable of carrying the monitoring and leak alerts to the user in real time connected by Wi-Fi to the arduino (s) ...

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    ...should be geometric and not detailed. The modeled parts must have general measures (mounting dimensions, interior and exterior dimensions), the "DELGA" mark must appear on each modeled piece. Please consider quoting by file. Deadline for delivery of all work 2 months The library will be used by third parties for engineering planning (piping). The main objective of this work is to have a complete and reliable library of the entire product range, reducing the time dedicated to engineering by our customers. For more detail of the product line you can visit: REVIT: Modelado de librería de productos eléctricos Se busca modelador para una librería general de productos eléctricos en Revit. Se adjunta folleto general y dos hojas de produc...

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    Programacion en CCS Finalizado left

    Necesito realizar la programación de un sensor de temperatura con el PIC 18f47j53, necesito que me muestre los datos de temperatura en un display 7 segmentos. Soy estudiante de ingeniería Electrónica. Necesito la programación en C por medio de CCS compiler. I need to program a temperature sensor with the PIC 18f47j53, I need it to show programación de un sensor de temperatura con el PIC 18f47j53, necesito que me muestre los datos de temperatura en un display 7 segmentos. Soy estudiante de ingeniería Electrónica. Necesito la programación en C por medio de CCS compiler. I need to program a temperature sensor with the PIC 18f47j53, I need it to show the temperature data on a 7 segment display. I am a student of Electronic E...

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    ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The objective of this contest is to find most creative idea for the development of a new watch, the proposal can be on 3D render or in color 2D. Thus, this contest can be the start for many other projects with us! The concept of the brand, is create a man watch, innovative, luxurious and ecofriendly. Use noble materials but of very high quality that can be recycled or to strictly be ecofriendly. Please before continue to reading about this contest, is highly recommendable to have a clear and proper view of a watch parts (attached references images). The manufacturing method of this watch case will be by additive manufacturing; hence, it can be more freedom regarding the used forms. Try to loo...

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    ...redirigir el tráfico. 4.) Llevar la estructura a una cuenta de los servidores de Amazon Web Services y conectar al hosting que el empleador suministre al profesional. Es importante que los plazos que ofrezca el profesional en la puja sean precisos. Los hitos y entregables serán como siguen: - 25% a la entrega de los 8 crawlers, Demostrable mediante fichero en diversos formatos. - 25% Data engineering de Django configurado y ordenado (mapping). - 50% al traspaso de la cuenta de Amazon web services con todo el proyecto finalizado y la conexión con el hosting suministrado por el empleador....

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    Desarrollo sistema SAS Finalizado left

    Actualmente desde Ferchau Engineering estamos buscando un Arquitecto Cloud para que se encargue del desarrollo de una plataforma SAS de pago por uso para uno de nuestros proyectos relacionados con el area de Industria 4.0. Este proyecto seria para desarrollar en Barcelona, España, y se dara preferencia a candidatos con residencia geografica cercana. La idea principalmente es que en este proyecto esta persona sea encargada de dar a luz tanto la idea como el posterior desarrollo de la plataforma. Se trataria de un sistema enlazado a una maquina de servicios donde llevara implantado un sistema SAS para poder contabilizar el uso y cantidades del producto expedidas en casa de cliente y que toda esa informacion llegue a un sistema donde recoja toda la informacion para su posteri...

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    Its simple, I will send a document. Person will need to print out about 10 copies and post them in various places in the Red light district in Bogota, Colombia. Will be willing to pay 29 USD to have this done since it should only take an hour or so and materials (paper, tape) won't be expensive. I will require picture of posted up flyers as evidence that the job is done before I send the money. Es simple, enviaré un documento. La persona deberá imprimir unas 10 copias y publicarlas en varios lugares del distrito de la luz roja en Bogotá, Colombia. Estará dispuesto a pagar 29 USD para hacer esto, ya que solo tomará una hora más o menos y los materiales (papel, cinta) no serán caros. Requeriré una foto de los volantes pub...

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    Actualmente estamos buscando profesores (Data Scientists, Analysts y Engineers) para la convocatoria de Septiembre-Noviembre 2019. Cada master lo van a impartir un máximo de 2 personas. Ofrecemos flexibilidad total a los profesores para preparar el contenido de los módulos que ya están tabulados en Además, ofrecemos total flexibilidad horaria, en el sentido de que los profesores pueden decidir qué horas quieren hacer, qué días libres quieren tomar, etc (sincronizando con el otro profesor). Los horarios de clase son de lunes a viernes, de 10am a 6pm con un descanso de 1h para comer. Aquí es donde los dos profesores pueden decidir qué sesión quiere dar cada uno, si la de mañana, si la de...

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    Necesito que desarrollen un software para mí. Me gustaría que este software sea desarrollado para Linux o windows utilizan...Python. Se trata de una idea que quiero implementar creando un programa conectado a un server que continuamente envía y recibe datos a través de apis (publicas o privadas), necesitaría conectarme al mismo, recibir la información que esté me manda, analizarla, seleccionarla, procesar lo que me interesa y enviar input al mismo. Estaría interesado en alguien que tenga conocimientos en Reverse engineering para resolver cierta información criptada en paquetes de datos. Esta es una idea que quiero desarrollar y si la persona puede llegar a desarrollar un prototipo de lo que quiero, se puede evaluar ...

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    APP para iOS Finalizado left

    PID Electronics is a hardware and software development company, we are experts and we have a highly specialized engineering team for the development of technological solutions in the area of IOT, Manufacturing 4.0, Automation and Industrial Instrumentation.

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    Renders vivienda Finalizado left

    Hello, I want photorealistic images for a residential building in Spain. I am looking for a modern, mediterranean and bright style. I supply CAD drawings and project materials samples. 6 images: - 1 exterior view facade - 1 interior view kitchen - 2 interior views bathrooms - 2 3D overhead plant Deadline 5-6 days! I like minimum 2 revisions before the final delivery.

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    Enviarnos propuestas de logos y banner vectorizados para el dominio de la empresa Advanced Engineering Services and Solutions SLL , el logo debe transmitir que la empresa es de diseño de redes de fibra óptica FTTH sobre entorno GIS o googlemaps. En principio un logo minimalista, un texto adecuado de las siglas y el tamaño adecuado para debajo incluir el nombre completo de la empresa. Adjunto ejemplos pero que no esta vectorizado, si no PNG. ENTREGABLES: Logo vectorizado y en PNG ( para usar en redes sociales, 5 archivos vectoriales SVG con colores originales, blanco, negro, escala de grises y monocromático, de modo similar para los PNG en alta calidad) Tarjetas de presentacion con logo y cargos en A4, en formato PNG.

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    Must speak Spanish! Develop a purchasing system that allows for requisitions, capture quotes, authorizations, receipt of materials, etc. It must be linked with microsip. so that inventories, purchase orders, etc. also register in that software. --- Desarrollar un sistema de compras que permita hacer requisiciones, capturar cotizaciones, hacer autorizaciones, dar recibo a materiales, etc. Deberá estar enlazado con microsip. para que los inventarios, ordenes de compra, etc. se registren también en ese software.

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    LabVIEW adquisición Finalizado left

    Necesito un programa que guarde la presión de un manómetro xp2i marca cristal engineering en la conputadora. El manómetro se conecta por USB

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    Se necesita una asistente virtual que hable a la perfección el rumano. Debe hablar además español o inglés. Su tarea será coordinar la compra de materiales para la construcción por lo que se debe saber bien el idioma rumano. Need a virtual assistant who speaks Romanian perfectly. You must also speak Spanish or English. Your task will be to coordinate the purchase of materials for construction so you must know the Romanian language well.

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    Mi nombre es Angela, trabajo como consultora de mk digital independiente, actualmente tengo un proyecto con la empresa de ingeniería ( construcción de redes de gas) en Medellín, Colombia, es una empresa pequeña, el proyecto es el diseño y desarrollo de una pagina web, con secciones básicas, no más de 10 páginas, incluyendo contenido escrito, imagen, video, catálogo de gasodomésticos ( no mas de 10 productos) y formulario de contacto. Gracias de antemano por su tiempo e interés.

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    Trophy icon Diseño web de consultora de ingeniería Finalizado left

    English: I am looking for the design of a website for a new civil engineering consultancy (mainly in road infrastructure). As it`s new, projects will be created, so you should be able to add them to the website. Also the team of people will grow, so you should also be able to add it. It has to be a sober and professional design. Since today the cell phone is used a lot, we are interested in looking good from these. As you will see, we need to suggest the best possible solution. Company name: CREAR INGENIERIA (something like create engineering). I clarify that it is a consultancy that carries out projects and not a construction company. IMPORTANT: I ​​would like the site to allow adding projects without the need to edit the site itself, perhaps taking the data from an externa...

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    Trophy icon Re-Design Logo - Be Creative Finalizado left

    We are interested in redesigning the logo for our company, we are a software and engineering services company for the oil and gas industry> Our main software is used for Hydrocarbon Accounting, we are looking for a logo that is modern, urban, and stands out, using the psychology of colours file attached, we would describe ourselves as professional, bold and exciting, with an edgy balanced side. Check out our website at and see our products for yourself. Feedback to be provided 100% and good creative talent will be rewarded. ESPAÑOL Estamos interesados en rediseñar nuestro logo para la empresa, somos una empresa de software y servicios de ingeniería para la industria petrolera, y minería, estamos buscando un logo que sea moderno, urba...

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    Aspat is an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) specialized in the digital preservation of heritage. Generally, his mission is focused on digitalizing heritage buildings of high heritage value, such as churches. It also offers several engineering services that allow to finance its mission. Some of these services are non-destructive tests on building structures currently in construction. Aspat offers these services to construction projects that are running. It also sells a device for a specific stage of the projects under construction. Aspat has a salesforce licensing grant. This donation has a non-profit package for managing NPO donations. The salesforce app that we need to develop has the objective of identifying the projects in construction execution to which

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    Aspat is an NPO specializing in the digital preservation of heritage. Generally, it mission is focused on digitalizing heritage buildings of high heritage value, such as churches. It also offers several engineering services that allow it to finance its mission. Some of these services are non-destructive tests on building structures currently in construction. Aspat offers these services to construction projects that are running. It also sells a device for a specific stage of the projects under construction. Aspat has a salesforce licensing grant. This donation has a non-profit package for managing NPO donations. The salesforce app that we need to develop has the objective of identifying the projects in construction execution to which these services can be

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    Curvas B-H para un imán. Materiales magnéticos para imanes permanentes. Características de cada material. Ejemplos de imanes comerciales:. Fabricantes y precios. Ejemplos concretos de aplicaciones de un imán. Referencias: Libros varios de Física General Referencias: Fitzgerald. Electric Machinery. 6ª ed. McGraw Hill- 2003. Chap 1 Magnetic Circuits and Magnetic Materials (creo que hay versiones en castellano).

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    Hola Sonen Engineering Solutio, vi tu perfil y me gustaría ofrecerte mi proyecto. Podemos conversar sobre los detalles por chat.

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    ...poder enviar esta placa a producción , Y opcionalmente tambien los esqumaticos. Adjunto fotos y lista de materiales. -------------------------------- I need to design a PCB, (preferably with Eagle). I have the diagrams drawn with fritzing. and on paper, I also have the list of materials. The project is a shield type board for two arduino uno. I want to have all the necessary files to be able to send this board to production, and optionally also the schematics. I attach photos and list of materials....

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    ... programar 4 horas para la ejecución de tareas, y programar el tiempo de ejecución de la tarea. Esta tarea será el encendido de un led o la activación de un motor. Estas configuraciones deben poderse almacenar para que se mantengan despues de desconexión electrica. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Materials: Arduino UNO 2x16 i2c LCD screen 16 Channel 4x4 Keyboard RTC 3231 Led or Rele I need to create a menu visible from the LCD, it should be controlled with the 4x4 keyboard, with options to set the time, set 4 hours for the execution of tasks, and schedule the execution time of the task. This task will be to turn on a led or the activation of ...

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    Se solicita la traducción de ingles a español de 489 habilidades profesionales (905 palabras), por ejemplo: - Mechanical Engineering - Common Sense - Civil Engineering - Digital Marketing - Business Intelligence Es necesario que el freelancer tenga conocimiento en Tecnologías de la información (TI) ya que las habilidades que deberá traducir estan enfocadas a esta área. En la propuesta por favor enviár costo x palabra y tiempo en que se tendrá el proyecto.

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    Necesito un logo para empresa y producto, la empresa es una empresa de tecnologías de la información llamada Getkem, lo que significa "Get" (obtener): obtén, "kem" (key engineering mobility): ingeniería clave en movilidad. El producto se llama "Join" que significa "unión".

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